Friday, 20 September 2013

Hiding behind the sofa

It has been a busy old summer, full of holiday excitement (the girls' first time on  a plane!), outdoor theatre, days out, gardening, meeting up with friends and, and, and ...

Excitement reaching fever pitch just before the first rider!
Now we're back to school, and for Tall Small, it's secondary school. Which means she isn't actually Small any more so what am I going to call her now? Miss Terribly Grownup All Of A Sudden? I shall think of something.

That's an Olympic fence, that is!
Anyway. Most of what I'm doing at the moment is sorting out the house. I have stacked logs and ordered oil ready for the inevitable chills to come, and am trying all sorts of new calendar techniques to keep on top of what everyone is supposed to be doing. None of this is blogworthy; but we did have a brilliant day out to the Burghley Horse Trials where we gasped and covered our eyes - you know that childhood habit of watching Dr. Who from behind a cushion? If I could have, I would have.

Cottesmore Leap. Never gets any smaller.
We walked for miles, and feasted on toffee vodka and potatoes roasted in duckfat.

And realised that weaving gets everywhere - this was next to one of the fences and how on earth the horses didn't freak out completely, I have no idea. I could have it in my garden though, if I could bend low enough to get through the door!


  1. Where did you fly, and tell me more about toffee vodka!

    Happy autumn to you, Mrs. DC.

  2. Hope the secondary school starter is getting on well! Sounds like you've had an eventful Summer - my big two are on at me constantly to fly in a plane! Where did you go?

    Please do tell if you discover a magical trick for managing the calendar - I could do with some help over here!

  3. I've been a fence judge at Olympic qualifying trials, and some of those jumps are truly heart-stopping when you are standing right next to them on your own two feet. I distinctly remember thinking at one of the jumps, "Even if I had a horse that could do it, I don't know if I'd feel right about asking that horse to do it."

  4. I am liking the sound of toffee vodka!

  5. Toffee vodka sounds delicious! Ruth

  6. Toffee vodka sounds very good! :)
    Best wishes to your not-so-little one for secondary school!
    V x

  7. Looks like a fantastic day out... I couldn't watch it, but fantastic all the same. : ) What wouldn't I give for a little basket house just for me!

  8. Lovely weather at Burglhey. I have cracked the work organsing because it just concerns me, however home life is not always so good with crossed wires and double bookings do occur despite having a calendar. This is no good if half the house does not write on it! Let me know if you find the magic could make a mint passing it on.
    Have a good weekend, organise or otherwise.

  9. Bet you could weave a willow hut like that ;-) xx

  10. I am trialling the huge sheet off wallpaper on the fridge door style of calendar. it is moderately successful..... I don't like vodka, can I just have a toffee please.

  11. Sounds like a super summer! My blog names for the children seem not to fit anymore either, The Baby Brother started school last week.

    Have googled toffee vodka and will make a test batch I think, just to be sure it tastes ok before making for Christmas presents.

  12. toffe vodka?... sounds very interesting... any left?

    Kids grow up too quickly and I find it totally baffling and unfair. I'm completely out of my depths. I think I need vodka AND toffee.

  13. Toffee vodka? That is different. We have a secondary school starter too. Bit of a culture shock. Hoping that my calender will cope.

  14. Typical, when I went to Burghley there wasn't anything as exotic as toffee vodka. I'll have to remember to go to the horse trials instead of the craft fair!

    I asked my daughter about the name for younger secondary schoolers and she said that they are known as 'tweenies' as they are in between primary school and being teenagers.

    Have a great week. xx

  15. You could call her small tall??? Now, she's on the small end of the bigger kids, instead of the big end of the smaller kids. ;-D

    Looks like you've been having lots of fun -- as it should be, especially this time of year -- these moments will flash by. Love that cute little woven hut!


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