Friday, 22 February 2013

Weaving for Red Nose Day, and a free pattern!

If you're in the UK, you'll know all about Red Nose Day and have probably taken part in many cake sales and sponsored pyjama days to collect donations over the last 25 years. This year, Emma Mitchell and Ros Badger started rolling a crafty fundraising snowball that has steadily grown and grown and grown - the RedNoseDay Doll project. Four friendly dolls, handmade and kitted out with a vast array of adorably cute accessories made by willing volunteers. How could I say no when Emma asked me to join  in? It has been pure joy from the start, a project which has just made people smile (and occasionally Squeeeee! OK, that may be mostly me.)

You can read about the pair of baskets I made, and all the other presents the dollies are receiving on their the RedNoseDayDolls blog. You can also follow the activity on Facebook (over 1000 people have so far, would be great if we could increase that!) or Twitter, and watch out for your chance to take part in the auction at the beginning of March.

One of the baskets (and the one that caused me the most hairpulling moments) was a fishing creel for Mac, the little boy doll. And just in case he has a bad day and nothing to show for his angling exploits, I included three little crochet fishies. If you'd like to make one, the pattern is below. If there's enough interest I'll make a photo tutorial, but it's pretty straightforward - you could look at my mini Downton Hat tutorial to help with the start.

Sing Ho, Little Fishy!

(Inspired by this pattern but with changes to starting method, increases, decreases and tail shaping)

You are working in continuous rounds. I just count, because I cannot keep crochet markers in any order.
I used Rowan Cotton Glace and a 1mm hook for the bodies, switching to a 2mm hook for the tails, because I didn't want the stuffing to show through.
NB These are UK crochet terms

* DC 2 together: insert hook into next stitch, YO, pull through a loop - 2 loops on needle. Insert hook into next stitch, YO, pull through a loop - 3 loops on needle. YO, pull through all 3 loops. I am not sure whether this is the right term, or the right way to do it, but it is what I do to make a decrease without leaving a hole.

1. Make a magic ring, and then 5DC into it. Tighten the ring.

2. 2DC into each DC around the ring (10sts)

3. 2DC into each DC around the ring (20sts)

4. Work 3 rows DC without shaping (20sts)

5. (DC 2 stitches together*, DC 9) twice (18sts)

6. (DC 2 stitches together, DC 8) twice (16sts)

7. (DC 2 stitches together*, DC 7) twice (14sts)

8. (DC 2 stitches together*, DC 6) twice (12sts)

Pause here to stuff the little fish to within an inch of its woolly life. I use fine nose tweezers, pencils, and the non-hooky end of my crochet hook to ram it in.

9. (DC 2 stitches together*, DC 5) twice (10sts)

10. (DC 2 stitches together) five times (5sts)

At this point it will be so small and fiddly you will curse me, but persevere!

11. 2DC into each DC around the ring (10sts)

12. 2DC into each DC around the ring (20 sts)

At this point I switch to a 2mm hook to help the wavy shape of the tail.

13. (1DC, 1Htr, 1DC, slip stitch 7) twice (20sts)

14. Repeat previous row - (1DC, 1Htr, 1DC, slip stitch 7) twice (20sts)

Now fasten off the thread. Flatten the tail so that the Htr peaks form the outermost points and then join the sides of the tail together either with slip stitches or by oversewing.

Add a pair of little eyes - I used a tiny circle of glitter felt and a sparkly jet bead - and pinch the tail until it is the shape you wanted.

And that's it!


  1. Fantastic! You know I adore your baskets and now you give us fishes, too! They are adorable.

    1. Thank you! They terrify our tank full of tiny fish so I have to hide them

  2. The baskets are gorgeous, how tiny are they?

    1. The creel is about 10cm high, the picnic basket is about 8cm wide and maybe 18cm high with the handle. Glad you like them!

  3. The baskets are brilliant. Not easy on such a small scale. What a lovely project to be involved with.

  4. So brilliant Val! I love the fishing creel and the tiny crochet fish are perfect! Lucy xx

  5. OhMyGosh -- those little baskets are just adorable. And the fishies! Beautiful!!!

  6. the baskets are brilliant and the tiny fish adorable!

  7. I am so in love with those baskets Val ... you really have the most amazing talent ... such perfection soooo small :D

  8. You are multi talented! Perfect little baskets and fish.

  9. Hi thanks for popping by and the comment. Adore these little fishes, they are so cute and for such a good cause. Well done!

  10. I haven't looked at your blog in a while (bad bad bad but rather distracted friend from up north now - I hope you did get the Christmas card) and it is SO lovely to see your crafty work still, love you and miss you. I loved doing crafts last year but it has all rather lapsed at the moment however I shall keep checking back in for inspiration. Miss you and the family still though our smalls are very much mediums now

  11. quite brilliant. love those little fishes xxx

  12. How entirely delightful! The cute fish are almost calling me to dust off my crochet hook and try..... and the baskets are just wonderful! What a great project!

  13. I love the fishes, they would look lovely as a baby mobile, I might have to have a go, the baskets are truly adorable xx

  14. You know what I think about these tiny baskets. Utter GENIUS. Truly, they are mind-boggling, thankyou SO MUCH xx

  15. This is so sweet - the baskets are fantastic and the little fishies just wonderful. You are very talented to have created in both crafts, and for such a great cause!

  16. I'm so enjoying the lovely miniatures that all you clever people are making - its a fantastic project!

  17. Absolutely adore these little baskets... and the fish... well they are just too cute! What a fabulous project.

  18. They really are perfect Val. You definitely need to make weaving a big part of your future!

  19. Super cute! Amazed at that fishing basket and those teeny fishes.

  20. Wow - the baskets are super gorgeous!! Well done for getting involved in this project and undoubtedly making a good amount of money for such a great charity. You ladies are truly inspiring, J9 x


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