Thursday, 22 November 2012

Mass vs weight (dahdahdah)

My girls are back at school after a week of the strangest bug we've ever had. A whole range of symptoms affecting heads, tummies, appetites, you name it but with each "episode" separated by 24 - 48 hours and necessitating an extended number of days off school as we follow the 48 hour rule. I do try to make "off sick" days less interesting than holiday days and I realised my work was done when they told me they were very bored and could they please go back to school now.

Still, we did get homework done, and as a reward I showed them something I used to love doing at school. Yes, I was a girly swot, and I bet your kids are jealous of the "rewards" mine get. "You've been so good! Here, have a maths project to work on as a treat." Oh, yes indeedy.

Anyway, yesterday morning was yr 5/6 science. We've been looking at forces and the teacher found a wonderful video to show them today. Now I have to apologise, well a little bit. This is going to stick in your head but since it's educational, I can't be too sorry. And to all those lovely people who say they like my science posts and wonder why I'm not a teacher - if I was, this chap is the kind of teacher I would want to be. Just inspirational.
After that, time to head back up the road for Yr 3/4 science. They had an awful song about friction last week. Be VERY grateful I haven't shared that one.