Thursday, 8 December 2011

Advent day 8 - Barely holding it together

I decided on a simple but meaningful activity today - "Think of reasons why we are fortunate" which took on unexpected poignancy as we watched both our girls performing with their choir in a Christmas fundraising concert. The concert started beautifully with festive performances, and then the founder of the charity they were supporting - Hope and Homes for Children - spoke movingly and eloquently and left most of the audience sniffing bravely and clapping hard. He was followed by my girls' choir singing pieces including Bob Chilcott's "The Child" and Lin Marsh's "Child of Tomorrow", and there was literally not a dry eye in the house. I am afraid I completely lost the plot.

Read these lyrics, imagine them sung by a choir of 7-13 year olds after you'd just been told about the plight of abandoned children in brutally poor or wartorn surroundings and tell me you'd have reacted any differently ...

Lost mid the ruins, two children are hiding.
Beneath broken windows they play with a gun.
Surrounded by soldiers, their city is dying.
The world turns its back and the conflict goes on.
Will you be wiser oh child of tomorrow?
Will you remember the price that we paid?
How will you cherish this earth which we leave you?
What will you learn from the child of today?

Do go and visit Hope and Homes for Children if you can. They're trying to do amazing things.


  1. I sob at children singing just about anything - I think that would have truly finished me off.

  2. I'm not surprised there wasn't a dry eye in the house!

  3. Since having the Smalls my eyes well up at anything. Even the John Lewis advert. (How sad am I?) I would have been escorted out of the carol concert... Ax

  4. I would have been blubbing right there with you. Isn't hearing your children sing in choir one of the treats in life?! I'm off to check out the charity, the song is amazing.


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