Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Just to prove I can be colourful

I spent most of my teenage years dressed exclusively in black. There were literally no colourful clothes in my regular wardrobe. All my makeup was black, my nail varnish was black, my hair was black, my lipstick was black. Get the picture? I hope you do because all the photographic evidence has been destroyed.

Teasel hedgehogs eat conkers!

Perhaps this partly explains why I am not generally sad about the onset of autumn and winter - lack of colour, and the need to wrap up and feel warm doesn't really feel that alien to me. Or it could be argued that I'm such a miserable wotsit most of the time that the switch back to GMT makes no noticeable difference.

Our autumn table, complete with lots of brown corduroy and mad mushrooms

These days there is a lot more colour in my daily life, be it in clothes, felt, food or courtesy of two small people. I love (and wear) the reds and browns of autumn in preference to any others. And I do sympathise with those who miss the colours of spring and summer - so Emma's Splash of Colour series seems like an ideal opportunity to seek out colour around my home.

We replaced the sick lens on our camera, and I'm not really comfortable with it yet - I keep misfocusing, but hopefully these give and idea of what's happening round here these days!

Well, of course we have a lilac music stand - don't you?!

PS I can't resist saying a HUGE well done to an old friend who's been featured a lot on the news today - Leo James, whose team has made a breakthrough that could save us all from colds and vomiting viruses one of these days. I haven't seen him for a while, though Mr DC still socialises with him regularly. I was rather stunned to hear him speaking from my radio at 7am - what a clever chap!


  1. I somehow can't picture you as a goth! Love all your mad mushrooms and teasle hedgehogs.

  2. I always think of you when I hear about clever things involving cells, genetics and dna. Your friend's research sounds very exciting. Imagine no more colds!

    But you were a goth?! Wow!

  3. So...who destroyed the photos? Tut tut!

    I'm loving the lilac music stand!

  4. I love your autumnal table and lilac music stand. Brilliant breakthrough too, no one likes having a cold - although red noses are colourful!

  5. I saw a photo somewhere. I did. There was spectacular hair.

    I am in love with your teasel hedgepigs.

    It's lovely to see you here, and all colourful too xxx

  6. Ooh, a goth, who would have thought! I used to wear 16 hole steel toe cap DM boots, paired with lacy tights and ripped denim cut offs, thankfully no photographic evidence of that either.

    Gorgeous autumn table.

  7. I am still black, love my big black cardies and big black boots, I do sometimes look at myself in the mirror and wonder if I'll ever be able to do colour (other than an occasional purple or brown) with confidence. We'll see.....

    Love the hedgepigs! xxx

  8. 1. How would we amuse ourselves if we never got colds or tummy bugs?

    2. Yearning to see that one proof-of-Gothness photo that Emma saw.

    3. I still wear black more than anything else. Including right this minute.

    4. The teasel hedgehogs and the shrooms are the BEST EVER.

    4. And yes, please, I'll have a lilac music stand, too.

  9. I love the teasel hedgehog, very cute!

    I'd never have pegged you as a goth... I was a big fan of black when I was younger, especially with my DM's and HUGE baggy jumpers...I was more scruffy than goth tho!!

    What a clever friend. :-)

  10. I too used to be a Goth for a while - fun times ! Hey it is fashional at the this Halloween time of year :-) Love your colour post.

  11. I spent my teenage years in black too, some dreadful homemade skirts too if I remember rightly, teamed with a curly perm...oh dear!
    The teaselhogs are very sweet.x

  12. At last, someone not dreading winter. The weather's in the 90s - that's terrible for someone like me that loves wrapping up warm, the feel of cold air stinging my face, the hint of a chance of a white Christmas...

    I am wishing that my music stand was lilac, though...

    and that you had posted photographic proof of your goth days...

  13. I never had you down as the goth type either. I used to sport a few dreadlocks and a nose ring at University. And here I am nearly 40, the complete opposite -surburban, van driving, mum! I wouldn't change it though!

  14. Oooh I heard that story on the radio! What distinguished friends you have.

  15. If I were ever to have a music stand (which is very unlikely) then I would have a lilac one! I love your little mushrooms. Autumn colours are my favourites, so i don't mind this time of year at all.

  16. I'm still struggling to incorporate color into my wardrobe. Though I have moved on from all-black to gray and beige. Does this count as progress?!

    K x

  17. Cool, you were goth, never would have guessed from your lovely colourful blog!


  18. A goth Cookie? Makes me smile at the very thought. PS our music stand is red.

  19. Oh, you must find a pic for us! I wasn't a goth (I had a friend who was and I was rather in awe of her!) but I did wear a huge amount of black as a teenager. Not so much now, I find I look a bit too washed out, but I do like winter and wrapping up warm! Cute hedgehogs!
    R x

  20. Oh, what a pity about no past photos... I would love to have seen you in your semi-goth gear! ;o) I shouldn't tease though, I recall wearing a great deal of black & gray in my teen years... And I still do! Black "goes" with everything, right? But I do love color too, and have appreciated color more as an adult. LOVE the lilac music stand--very sweet. And those hedgehogs are too CUTE! Glad to see you posting here again. And many thanks for your lovely comment at my place--I appreciate the care so much. :o) ((HUGS))


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