Monday, 9 November 2009

Kitchen Poetry, Monday

Last autumn, I took part in Kitchen Poetry and was surprised at how many things I could find to photograph in my kitchen. This year, it's being hosted by the lovely Mrs Fancy Elastic and I decided to join in again. A week of daily posting is going to leave me very short of words so please forgive me when I post dimly lit wobble shots and not much else!

This first one is our beloved coffee machine. It's older than either of my children, and has been bunged up with scale and cleaned out more times than I can recall, but it's still going strong. These days it's used mainly at weekends or when people come over, though the Smalls have discovered the joys of cocoa made with steamed milk so it may yet find it has a rather active old age!

There's still time to join in if you feel up to sharing photos of your own kitchen and what goes on therein ...


  1. Oh how I lust after a gaggia, we had a coffee machine MaxiMad knocked it off the kitchen top and it broke beyond repair. One day I will buy MadDad one.

  2. wow - older than the kids!! brilliant.

  3. After all the grime that appeared in my kitchen pics last year I think I might give this one a miss this time round! Love the smell of fresh coffe... just don't like the taste!

  4. i miss my coffee machine!i still have it i just cant drink coffee! lol
    thanks for the sweet comment about my felty!
    its hard to find the time to do some poking of felt,its such a slow process isnt it!


  5. mmm frothy coffee.
    we have a frothy machine (not as lovely as yours sadly) and I refuse to learn to use it, the joy of the coffee comes from having had someone make it for me, more than the coffee itself......

  6. I'm having a coffee machine for Christmas! A proper one, like!

  7. Very impressed you've kept yours going for so long! G used to have a Gaggia but was finally defeated by the scale. The cocoa sounds dee-licious. K x

  8. This post made me smile. My hubby bought one of these six years ago (at a price that made me wince) but with a little tlc its still working today on the other side of the pond no less. Perhaps even more impressive is that I have successfully managed to avoid it for all that time (I'm a tea drinker) and have absolutely no clue how to use it!


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