Monday, 6 April 2009

In which the Dottycookies do colour

Thank you for all the lovely comments on our little furry creature house; it now has a little garden attached, entirely crafted from tissue paper and egg boxes where Geraniums can frolic in the pond and snooze on the grass as the mood takes them.

We have been very busy outside over the last couple of weeks, but more of that another day. In the meantime, here's something we had lots of fun with on a day when it was too wet to go outside. Marbling paper - it's an oldie but a goodie, and described all over the place, including here.

Lots of fun; I think these are destined to be wrapping paper. They were disturbingly oily at first but we blotted them carefully with newspaper and the eventually dried out.

More colour: 'Mummy needs a cup of tea, here are the Hama beads'

and 'Now we need a break, can we chalk on the floor?' And why not?


  1. Oooh, it looks like the Dottycookies are having a wonderful, creative time!

  2. that looks like so much fun :D
    can i join in?


  3. Must rock out our Hama beads today - yesterday seemed to be swallowed up in either outdoor mayhem or the dreaded box.

  4. that marbling looks fun, might just have to try some!
    and find our hama beads too, what a lovely QUIET activity.......

  5. Making marbled paper is so much fun!
    Your little big Dotty Cookies must have had a wonderful time!!

  6. oooh lots of colourful crafty fun... i love marbling paper!

  7. G is very keen to try paper marbling! Perhaps I can send him round your house?! K x

  8. marbling looks great fun...

    Oh dear, Hama beads. I have friends with two experiences of them - complete child absorption, allowing the tea drinking; and squawking fiddly nightmare, with projects abandoned and hama beads rattling up the vacuum.

    We seem to fall, unfortunately, rather more into the latter camp

  9. That marbling takes me back - lovely lovely cookie time being spent here. Magic.

    We haven't ventured into Hama bead land yet but, correct me if I'm wrong, do I remember you showing me something that, ahem, a grown up cookie made from Hama beads? I think I may have to get some for me!

    I'm on for next week xxxx

  10. Ooh, I love marbleized stuff, and yours are stunning! We must put that on our to-do list, too. And tinies who recognize when their mother needs a tea break? Most excellent!!

  11. I had forgotten all about marbling paper. We'll have to give that a go sometime. I'm a poor excuse for a mum, though - it's been ages since I've done anything arty with the kids.

  12. Oooh, hama beads! Haven't played with those in ages :-) Have you ever tried Willie Shrinkles? They're possibly even more exciting. The colouring and baking entertains little people for hours and the name provides endless amusement for the supervising adults!

  13. Oh I love marble painting! These are so beautiful! :)


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