Friday, 19 December 2008

Back at last

Well, it took four visiting BT engineers and heaven knows how much money spent on phone calls to our ISP at 10p per minute but we are finally reconnected. The broadband has been up for 48 hours so with luck it is now fixed for a while ...

It wasn't all bad though - the enforced break meant lots of crafting time and gave my mouse arm a rest. I have tennis elbow apparently brought on by a combination of knitting and blogging - I kid you not. Let me serve as a horrible example to all of you as I face a shot in the elbow in the New Year if it doesn't improve :-( The most annoying thing is I've spent the last 10 years as a programmer with nary a twinge!

There's lots to show you, but I'll start with a little backpack I was asked to make for one of the girls at school. This was my first commission (well, sort of - she's making a donation to the school rather than to me) and I was very pleased with how it turned out. The little pony is adapted from the unicorn at stitchado and I added a tiny beaded name charm too. I had plans to do something similar for my two but am rapidly running out of hours!

Argh, the light. It's either horribly flat or artificially yellow at the moment. I'll have to rig up a light box at this rate!

We've made our gingerbread house this week too - I did the basic construction and the roof tiles but other than that it is a small person construction. They are deservedly proud of themselves, and are quietly pinching sweets off it thinking I won't notice ...

Leftover gingerbread trimmings make fabulously crunchy ice cream topping, and if you add bananas and edible pink disco glitter - well, how much more Christmassy could it be?!

Huge apologies if I owe you email. Hopefully normal service will be resumed now!


  1. Um! tennis elbow - same happened to me and I'd been programming for about the same length of time. Perhaps our elbows miss that level of exercise.

    I love the gingerbread house - I've had to promise Rosie that we'll make one.

    Gorgeous backpack. The stitching is beautiful.

  2. The ginger and glitter sprinkles look lovely - I need some NOW!

    Top tip - ask Santa for a Wacom tablet and pen, the mouse can be re-homed and you won't get a sore elbow!

    Best wishes and welcome back on-line!

    PS I love these crazy security words - braticul :-)

  3. hurray for the fixit man! Glad you are back and playing but :-( about your elbow.

    That is one fabulous backpack - considering a tutorial? I am desperate to do one but find myself a wee bit chicken ;-)

  4. ouch elbow sounds sore....
    gingerbread house is gorgeous!

  5. Maybe you have tennis elbow from all the flippin' dialling to BT and your ISP, and holding the phone up to your ear? Ha! Bet you didn't think of that?!

    Your makes are fab - I especially love the gingerbread house. We have a kit somewhere - I wonder what I did with it?

    Lovely to have you back.


  6. I hope the elbow eases up .... That gingerbread house looks jolly professional! I think edible pink glitter just makes the world go around no?

  7. It's lovely to have you back again - sounds like a right stramash to get your broadband all sorted! Looks like you've made the best of it though - your backpack is lovely and I'd be pinching bits off your gorgeous gingerbread house too if my fingers were in reach. Hope the elbow settles down and you need no jabs and that you and the smalls have a wonderfully, magical christmas x

  8. Oh no, a knitting/blogging related injury is not a good thing!

    It's good to read you again and I love the gingerbread house.

  9. Wow -- what a great idea for those gingerbread crumbs. Your house looks great -- how fun to have littles to sneak away the candy! Be careful with that elbow!

  10. Tennis elbow - do hope it gets better. Love your gingerbread house, we are planning to make ours this weekend now the builders have moved out.

  11. That takes me back - my Mum had tennis elbow from too much cake decorating!!

    Your backpack is really beautiful and I'm sure will be loved by it's new owner :-)

    Fab job on the gingerbread house girls!! I really think that's one of the loveliest ones I've seen!


  12. Would you notice if I pinched a bit of the gingerbread house too? Looks wonderful, as does the backpack.

    Welcome back!
    Diana x

  13. Hope that elbow of yours is on the mend. Look after it! gorgeous gingerbread house, you've got me wanting some of that ice cream now. we have the ice cream and glitter but no gingerbread ...
    Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas

  14. Oh it's lovely to have you back!!! Great backpack and gingerbread house but I'm sorry to hear about the tennis elbow - I'm sure my wrist problems a couple of months ago were caused by a combination of knitting, stitching and blogging :(

    Have a really lovely Christmas

    Lucy xxxx

  15. Oh! Another fabulous gingerbread house. I'm sure this is when I "discovered" you last year and felt inspired to make one of our own... but I haven't got time this year! Rest that elbow missus! Looking forward to more fun Fridays in the new year!

  16. Crafting and blogging is clearly hazardous sometimes - hope the elbow improves soon (but surely you wont be able to STOP blogging and knitting??)

    The gingerbread house and little backpack are stunning. There are clearly several very lucky little ladies down your way.

    Have a lovely merry time in the next week if we don't see/read you again before then. Best love, all the pebbles xxx

  17. Wow you have been busy.
    Just wanted to stop by and wish you a very Merry Christmas from Ireland.

  18. nice to have you back and hope your elbow recovers soon!!
    i just love your gingerbread house - its amazing!
    have a lovely christmas!


  19. I love the part about the littles sneakily pinching off bits of house, and what a great backpack! Take good care of that elbow...I'm suffering from a much milder affliction, Ice-Cold Mouse-Operating Hand. I guess that's why they invented those knitted hand warmers.

  20. welcome back! i know i haven't left a comment before but i've been reading for a while - i wandered over from little cotton rabbits!
    just yesterday i had shooting pains in my hand and wondered whether it was from a sudden increase in knitting activity - i tried to tell myself not to be silly, surely one couldn't get injuries from knitting..? clearly one can. i do hope you're pain-free soon.
    btw, i adore the gingerbread house! i want one!
    have a great Christmas

  21. I missed your posts. Glad to see you back again - Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas

  22. oh sparkly house... love it....

  23. Love the gingerbread house. I had a go at making one once but, like much of the stuff I make, it ended up in the bin!

  24. Happy Christmas, Your Gingerbread house looks delicious. Hope your tennis elbow soon gets better. The back pack is so lovely too. Jane x

  25. Happy Christmas Val! Have lots of fun with those Tiny Smalls.

  26. Welcome back to the connected world!
    I just wanted to send Christmas -- and New Year --- wishes in your direction! May they both be filled with moments of joy punctuating periods of calm and pleasure!


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