Monday, 22 September 2008

Bit of a milestone

We have had a very exciting weekend; we travelled to Bournemouth for a beautiful two day family wedding at a lovely hotel (whose website insists on launching a very dodgy voiceover so I refuse to link to them!).

There was sun and a ceremony looking out over a gorgeous sea view:

There were special party dresses:

There were sparkly shoes:

There was a classic wedding car with an elated couple:

There were VIPs- at dinner we met the director of the BBC News at Ten (see, I do get to hobnob with important people occasionally).

There were stunning table decorations, party bags for the children and how gorgeous is this for a wedding favour - colour coordinated personalised rock!

And in the evening there was a surprisingly good band. I had to pity the poor souls though - they were trying their hardest to be very cool but had a gaggle of 5 little girls jumping up and down in front of them all evening. Tiny Small outlasted me in the evening dancing stakes by a good hour. I think we're in for a going-out battle in ten years' time!

And then to cap it all, Miss Tall Small finally lost her first tooth in the car on the way home after wiggling it for well over a week. Fortunately we had already made a tooth holding hedgehog, based on MollyChicken's pattern, and the tooth fairy paid her visit last night, leaving two shiny silver coins in the pouch (yes, I know hedgehogs don't really have pouches but neither do they have wonky smiles or felt spikes).



  1. Hurrah for the inaugural missing tooth! My girl has lost another one this week.

  2. what a lovely post!! great pics especially of the little angel with the missing tooth! sooo cute.
    i love bournemouth, haven't been there for a while tho' - sandbanks is my favourite spot.


  3. excellent news of the tooth! And what a weekend for a seaside wedding, I spyed a couple our way this weekend and marvelled at how lucky they were to choose this particular weekend from all the horrors this year!

  4. Oooh, a wedding with sparkelies (sp?) -- how fun! Love the hedgehog and the toothless smile!!!

  5. Oh wow, what a gorgeous weekend for a wedding, and a beautiful setting.

    Your little blond lovelies look fabulous in their shiny frocks and shoes, and the money-bearing hedgehog is a real cutie ... with a perfectly un-wonky smile!


  6. It is a big milestone isn't it? Ruby can't wait to lose her teeth! Love the tooth hedgehog...may have to borrow that idea.

  7. That's a darling hedgehog and an even darlinger gappy grin! (The tooth fairy forgot Big Lad a few weeks ago; I guess she gets a little sloppy when people reach age 10...)

  8. Looks like a gorgeous wedding! How could it not be with such fabulous weather and sparkly shoes to catch the sun :) And congratulations on the first missing tooth. A day to remember all round!

  9. oooh what a beautiful weekend, stunning venue, sparkly dresses AND the tooth fairy! What a lucky couple they were with the weather. Wasn't it glorious? xx

  10. They couldn't have booked better weather for a wedding. It looks and sounds like a perfect 'do' - especially hobnobbing with VIP media types!!

    Your girls look gorgeous in their sparkly outfits :)

    Congratulations to tall small on her first visit from the tooth fairy. That's a gorgeous gappy smile!


  11. Your hedgehog tooth looker-afterer is wonderful! Congrats to Tall Small on the loss of her first tooth - definitely a milestone to be noted, it must have been all of that yummy wedding rock that helped it come out!

  12. Love the party dresses and sparkly shoes... how glamourous! That rock was pretty awesome too. But best of all has to be that toothy grin... how lovely!

  13. Beautiful sparkly dresses.

    Beautiful hedgehog.

    Gorgeous child with her gappy toothed smile.

  14. Wonderful sunny wedding, and I love the personalized rock, what fun. And congrats to tall small on the tooth milestone. We didn't have lovely hedgehogs like that in my day!

  15. Hooray - losing the first tooth is a big event in a small's life. Love your hedgehog tooth-keeper. Just hope you don't get smalls who insist on writing to their tooth fairies! (You have to remember what style of writing you used, from tooth to tooth! It's not easy!) x

  16. Missing sweet...and that the tooth fairy has such a cute hedgehog helper ;o) A wedding...nothing like a happy occasion to dress up and wear sparkly shoes! Best wishes to the newlyweds! Happy Days to you all ((HUGS))

  17. that's the cutest tooth holder!
    Miss K lost a tooth at our family wedding at the weekend too, and the scottish tooth fairy had to pay double because she couldn't find the right change....

  18. What a lovely gap-toothed smile! Fred lost another this week too and got a very long letter from the tooth fairy saying how much nicer it was to visit his bedroom when it was tidy!!!

    The wedding photos look lovely - how fab to get beautiful weather!

    lucy x

  19. Wow a toothy grin, we have yet to experience that stage yet is that what the going rate is for a tooth, I have to find out this information.

    Looks like a lovelt wedding and I love the rock

  20. Tooth Fairy must be rushed off her feet, she's been a busy girl in blogland! lovely pics of wedding finery and personalised rock. Jane x

  21. What a wonderful week-end to get married! We were across the way at Studland this wk-end , so very close by!
    I love the hedgehog, what a great idea.
    Gorgous shoes....girly glitter to make little ladies feel special.
    Jane. x

  22. the silver pump is adorable, that is one fine for the tooth...oh its so sweet

  23. wow, what beautifully sparkly shoes! I wonder if they do those in Big Girl sizes as well?Hmm.
    Looks like you had a wonderful weekend for such a special occassion.x


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