Saturday, 5 April 2008

Reactions of a fighter pilot

No, honestly, I have - the machine told me so:


We stopped off at Duxford on our way back from half term with my parents. We live close enough that they give us free entry to make up for the inconvenience (?!) of having Spitfires buzzing over our house on summer weekends. It's a wonderful place, and we all enjoy looking at the planes they have rescued, watching the films and reading the extensive documentation so carefully prepared.

Well, actually I think some of us enjoy the adventure playground and aviation experiments more than the planes themselves.

One thing we always do is take the land train to the furthest building, the Land Warfare Hall to look at one specific exhibit which fascinates Miss Tiny Small, and breaks my heart every time I see it.

"First World War Soldier's Boots"


  1. Good news on your reactions - should make life with small children much easier!

    I agree with you about the poignancy of that final exhibit.

    Hope you are having a good weekend.

    Lucy xx

  2. I'm most impressed DC - have you missed your true calling?

    Those boots really are heart rending.

    Lesley x

  3. I'm with you on those boots.

  4. I've been to Duxford many times and never seen the boots before - obviously haven't been looking properly - they really do bring a lump to the throat.

    Was good to see you today.
    Gina x

  5. Gosh that picture of those boots was very sobering for me. Such a powerful image. It's funny what the little people feel drawn to isn't it? My eldest has always loved the mummified child and cat at the Ashmoleum Museum in Oxford - I find it a bit gut-wrenching, but she doesn't.

    Well done on the quick reactions! x

  6. Time for a career change perhaps?!

  7. I've never seen those sad boots either.
    I remember going on the concorde they used to have there (or is still there? I've not been for a long time) and thanking my lucky stars I couldn't afford to travel in such cramped conditions!

  8. Hello Kitty - I used to love the Asholean when we were in Oxford. I don't remember the mummified child, that would have freaked me out I think. I do remember the cape covered with tiny shells - Pocohontas' cape? And all the paintings upstairs unerneath red velvet covers. We spent many an afternoon in there when we should have been in the library!

  9. Those boots break my heart...But it sounds like you had a fun adventure! Happy week to you all ((HUGS))

  10. I used to live in Bishops Stortford and would frequently pass Duxford on my way to and from various places, I am ashamed to say I never visited. Wish I had now that I see your post, worth it just for the lump in throat moment of seeing the boots.

  11. YEY! DUXFORD! It's a fantastic museum, isn't it? I remember being fascinated by the sunderland bomber so much that I demanded Dad and I made an airfix model of one. That's a very impressive reaction time you have there...remind me never to pick a fight with you.
    It's strange how in a place full to the brim with war planes and tanks etc. it's a pair of old boots which really make you stop and think.

  12. My brother in law would love that place. I hate to think what my reactions would be, I always get in such a dither doing things like that. Those boots say more than a thousand words, so very moving

  13. I love Duxford. Well, I say I love it...I haven't been in a million years, but I used to love it when I lived closer!
    Well, we know where to go if there's another world war, eh?

  14. The boots are really poignant. Amazing that just a pair of muddy old boots can stir such feelings - but it's the unknown thats attached to them.
    Whose were they ? Was he just a boy? Probably.
    Give me goose bumps.

  15. Thanks for all of the comments over on Ten Ten. London was delightful and I'd love to go back to England to see more of the country.

    I started my blog to document knitting, but I really need to include more of our real lives. Oh, and plenty more craftiness!

    Thanks for sharing your blog with me!

  16. Hi DottyCookie! Just a quick hello from your new swap partner. I've started having a read of your blog. I'll catch up with you soon :) Rachel

  17. I love Duxford - that was where I chose to go for my 40th birthday treat. (My husband knows how to treat me!!!) I've not been back since they opened the new hanger though - my children are longing to see Concord up close.

    As to the inconvenience of Spitfires buzzing over head.. is there another sound in the entire world that makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up so much?

  18. I remember taking the kids to Duxford when they were quite small and the thing they loved the most was being able to go on Concord!


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