Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Four is the magic number

Yes, I know it's really three but I'm running low on ideas today!

Alison and Starry tagged me for the seven random things meme a while back but since I did something similar last year I'm going to cop out of that one. Then Ruth tagged me for the four things meme and I reckon I might have enough brain to manage this one, with its guidelines and all that. (I have the most awful feeling someone else may have tagged me too - if it was you, I am sorry! I am rubbish!)

But before I do, in case I bore you rigid and you run away, here is a sneaky peek at some embroidered buttons I have been making for a swap. Some of these may feature in a long overdue giveaway soon ...

Right, here goes.

Four films I would watch again

Four Weddings and a Funeral - How many times have I watched this? I've lost count. I first saw it when I was a postdoc in North Carolina and 500 miles away from Mr Dottycookie and watching a charming British comedy was exactly the tonic I needed. I even scrounged the poster from the cinema once the run was over. Hmmmm.

Some Like It Hot - "Nobody's perfect". Snort!

Shaun of the Dead - Perhaps I have a sick sense of humour but I cannot hear "Don't Stop Me Now" on the radio without bursting into loud guffaws.

Starter For Ten - Very lightweight, very silly, but with a brilliant mildly alternative 80s soundtrack and James McAvoy in virtually every scene - I mean, really, what else could you ask for?

There are many more. Loads and loads.

Four places I have lived

Purley - Where I grew up. So did Derren Brown, apparently. And of course, it was the home of Terry and June. Ahh, Purley. Say no more ...

Oxford - I spent eight very happy years here in the 80s and 90s and always love going back to visit the city though it has changed enormously. Mr DC's claim to fame is that he appears briefly in an episode of Inspector Morse (you have to know where to look!)

Ballston Lake - A tiny, tiny village in upstate New York where we lived in a little house on the shores of the lake. The house was really quite grotty, but we could get home from work, and be swimming in the lake within two minutes. Bliss.

Cambridge - Where we are now, and where we'll hopefully be for a while yet ...

Four TV shows I watch

Only four? OK. Actually, I'm pushed to think of four current ones I really like which begs the question, why is the TV on so frequently?

How about four that are old but that I've watched recently anyway?

QI - I really hated this when it first started - it seemed so very smug, but I have been lured in and will watch it any time I can find it in the schedules. Which, let's face it, is more than once every week.

Shameless - I recently discovered this on 4OD having missed it the first time round (I was rather busy having baby number 2 I seem to remember) and the first two series make me laugh a lot. Later series, not so much. (And I know Kim knows why I like it ;-)

Spaced - Again, I missed this first time round but rented it after watching Shaun of the Dead and it really is very funny.Well, I think so anyway.

House - Lest you think I only watch comedies. Well, actually I do find this quite funny in parts. There is no hope!

(Better speed this up)

Four places I have been (and that left a lasting impression)
The Keats Shelley House in Rome.
The top of the Empire State Building (especially for Mr DC)
Key West - we honeymooned here. Sigh.
Helvellyn (we took the easy route up - I have no head for edges!)

Four things to eat

Home made bread

Four places I'd rather be

Actually, I'm quite happy here thanks!

Four things to look forward to

Spending more time at home with my littlies
The wedding of a very old friend in June
Holidaying by the seaside
Finally finishing writing up a paper at work!

Four people to tag

This has taken so much longer than I had expected it to that I'm reluctant to pass it on to anyone who doesn't want to do it. So, grab it if you want it - and maybe leave me a comment to say you're going to have a go?


  1. The little hedgehog buttons are so sweet! I enjoyed reading your meme and love your choice of films too.
    Unfortunately we don't get the same shows are you except for Shameless - which I didn't see. Choc, sushi and home-made bread would all be in my list too! :O)

  2. Oooh, those little embroidered buttons are going to be adorable! And I (probably along with the rest of the world and you obviously) LOVE 4 Weddings and a Funeral!

  3. The thing about these memes is that whilst I am not a great fan of doing, I am a fan of reading.

    To learn a little more about the people you have grown fond of in blogland!

  4. the buttons are adorable, this is such a fun meme, I'm fairly sure I listed 4 weddings when I did this one a few months ago.

  5. I just love your embroidered buttons, the bee is adorable! I had forgotten about 4 weddings, such a fab film and ohh home-made bead. I will have to wait until my diet is finished to have some, as I can not make wholemeal it has a tendency to resemble a brick.

  6. how interesting!

    And a film with James McAvoy I haven't seen yet?


  7. Psssst Monica - the first two series of Shameless have a whole lot of James McAvoy in them too ;-)

  8. Those buttons are going to be incredible! I wish I was in the swap with you as my partner!

    Your meme was great - it was fun reading all those extra little things about you!

    Lucy xxx

  9. Your little buttons are going to be so gorgeous and I now feel an overwhelming urge to do some!! Of course, not just yet as I'm supposed to be working.....ahem!

    Great DC facts there - I've watched Four Weddings umpteen times too. I loved your Monty Python link - made me smile, that did :)


  10. Love that bee!
    I'm such a sticky beak, I love reading meme's...

  11. oooh! yes, Derren Brown does indeed come from Purley. He was one of the "kids" years ago who was always in and out of my auntie's house there - her boys (my cousins) are the same age as him. Apparently he is ridiculously clever with a photographic memory and does the fame thing so that one day he can retire and be an artist as painting is what he likes to do best!

  12. Love those buttons - so tiny and cute! Would like to make some but really have too many other things to be doing (like mini quilts!) Always love reading these memes - might be tempted to do this one. Lost count of the number of times I've seen Four Weddings too (bit of a John Hannah fan myself!)

  13. Gorgeous buttons! Love your film and TV choices, I'm a huge James McAvoy (i'm not huge, just think he's great), what about State of Play, not just cos it was brilliant TV but also rather a lot of Mr McAvoy in that too and Bill Nighy!)

  14. I love Sean of the Dead, and spaced (and black books as well) I think I may have a crush on Simon Pegg!

    Good Meme. :D

  15. What a fun meme, and adorable buttons too! You and your family have a wonderful rest of the week.



  16. eeeeek! I was tagged ages ago to do this meme and I had forgotten all about it. (guilt, guilt)

    Can we talk about your lovely hedgehog buttons instead?

  17. You've certainly had an interesting life, Mrs. Dottycookie and may I also say you have excellent taste in viewing material :)
    I absolutely L-O-V-E those little hedgehogs (I used to collect them...not real ones of course...that would be cruel) and can't wait for a dottycookie giveaway!

  18. I am amazed at the buttons. They are great! I also enjoyed learning a little about you too.

  19. Love the buttons. Good to find out more about you. I wish tags didn't take so long, they're great fun to do but you need a bit of spare time.

  20. Oh that song reminds me of my youth he he!!! That embrodiery is sooooo cute. Nice to hear that you're happy where you are!

  21. Oh, Those little hedgehog buttons are so very very sweet.

  22. I've never known someone to make their own buttons ( besides with scraps of pre-printed material ) - these are adorable !!

  23. your gnome naming skills won you a prize! hooray!


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