Friday, 14 March 2008

Mum's gone to Islington

When Lucy Locket sent out her London invitation a few weeks back, I was powerless to resist. So, finally, the day came and five (well, six if you count me) went mad at the Country Living Spring Fair. Gina very kindly offered me a lift down, so after respective children had been deposited at school and nursery we travelled down the A1 to Cockfosters, jumped on a tube (Gina took pictures but I was too slow!) and trundled along to the Islington Business Centre which was resplendent in pink and spring green and overrun with ladies of a certain age. We were just admiring the pen of sheep outside when who should surprise us but Mrs Moogsmum and Lucy's big sister (the as-yet-blogless-but-under-extreme-pressure-to-join-in-the-addiction) Ally. Lucy phoned to say she was en route in a taxi and we waited and watched and squeaked a lot until finally a very happy face waved at us from the window of a black cab and out she jumped. We stood outside for ages until finally someone said, "Do you think we should go in?" and we decided we would - Jane was due to join us later on.

The Spring Fair is quite an overwhelming spectacle - hundreds and hundreds of pretty stalls, everything calling "Buy me! BUY ME!", but where there are bloggers meeting, there will be presents and the ones today way outdid anything that was on sale.

(sorry about the photos - it's dark but I wanted to post this tonight).

First we had Gina's pink carnations to make sure we would recognise each other - these caused huge numbers of comments as six of us wandered around the stalls chattering and looking (but mostly chattering) - I think some people probably thought we were members of a bizarre craft cult. Lucy did a great job explaining blogs to the uninitiated though. If I didn't already have one I'd have been inspired to start writing ...

Lesley quite rightly thought we would all need bags to carry home our loot, so she made some specially for us, with designer labels and a cleverly integrated ribbon to tie it up when you roll it to put it in your handbag. My girls tried to pinch it - step away, half-pints!

Lucy brought everyone a pretty wallet - mine is very springy and I really, really wished I had already switched to using it when I had a moment of turning my purse upside down without zipping up the coin holder and had a few moments inelegant scrabbling for change on the floor.

Ally gave us all chocolate bunnies - but I am afraid there is no picture as they are eaten!!!

My contribution was mug cosies and dottycookies:

(If they're too big for your mugs, you can loop the elastic round the button!)

I have to say though - these ladies are hard core. Gina and I had to head off mid afternoon to pick up our children, and not only were the rest of them still going strong, they hadn't even stopped for lunch!!

Thanks all, for a fabdoodletastic day. Let's do it again soon - please?!!!


  1. Oh thanks for blogging about it Dotty - I knew you'd all have a fabulous time.

    You'll be shattered now! x

  2. Hello Kitty - I am completely wiped out - barely enough energy to eat more cookies, oh woe is me. But poor Lucy is only just on her train to go home - now there's someone who will be sleeping in tomorrow!

  3. Wonderful and funny post! I’m sure you had loads of fun! Please share your bounties!

  4. Can you hear that excruciating loud screaming? That's my feet that is!!!!

    It was so fab to meet you today Val and you're every bit as lovely as I thought you'd be - only more so!!! In fact everyone was :)

    The show was a nice addition but I'd have happily just sat and chatted with you all for the whole day:)

    Thank you so much for my beautiful mug cozy - little people not impressed when I said 'Get off, it's mine!!'.

    I begrudgingly shared the rather gorgeous dotty cookies though.

    I've downloaded my photos and didn't take a single photo of any of you!!! Got some nice ones of Waterloo station & the London Eye tho'!!!!!

    I do hope we all meet up again soon. Plans are afoot to get the Locket down south at some point as she is the most geographically challenged!

    You and Gina were missed when you'd gone! Not only by us but by several stall holders who had noticed the cult insignia and realised our numbers were diminished!

    If you want photos of the roof of the show hall you only need ask ;)

    lots of love

    the bag lady xxxxx

    p.s. many thanks to the lovely Little Dottycookies for lending us their lovely Mum for the day :)

  5. Can you hear the jealous screech from way over here.
    Meeting up with bloggers.

    At the country living spring fair.


  6. sounds like you all had such fun, shows like that are always better when you have other like minded people to wander round with : )

  7. Sounds like a really wonderful day out, and those gifts well who needs the CL Fair?

  8. What a perfect day out! Glad you had a good time.

  9. Oh. So glad you all had a lovely time.

    I think you need a rest today.

  10. It was so wonderful to meet you "for real" yesterday - you really are super lovely and I felt like I had known you for ages - I only wish you could have stayed much longer!!! If you are ever heading up north.........?!!!!

    My mug cosy is gorgeous but I haven't unpacked my bags yet to show the little Lockets because I haven't long been out of bed - I was EXHAUSTED!!!! We didn't get on our train until 9 and didn't get home until 1am - and then I found my bed full of little lockets and no room for me! (so I kicked Mr Locket out and climbed in with them!)

    Can't wait to see you all again soon!

    Lucy xxx

  11. ooh, what a lovely time you all had! Good for you, well done! Perhaps you should organise a Bloggers Christmas Party?!x

  12. Sounds like a great day - I'm venturing over there tomorrow with a blogless friend! Hoping it's not too much of a credit card magnet...

  13. What a great day - treats for all and lots of fun. I'm so glad for you all!

  14. I love the dotty cookies! Great idea. It sounds like a fab day and you certainly did well loot-wise :D

  15. the dottycookies are inspired! sounds like a really lovely day, lucky you!!!!

  16. Wonderful wonderful day Val. Thank you so much for the pressies... dotty cookies were demolished in no time! (But I got in first!!!)

    Gina xx

  17. Hello Patti - It was great! The best day. But you're right - today I have been tired and I suspect even more grumpy with the children than usual ;-)

  18. What a fabulous time you had and what a lovely idea to meet up with fellow bloggers. I, too, went to the fair on Friday with a friend. It was certainly all very tempting but how lovely you gave each other such beautiful handmade gifts!

    Hope your feet have recovered!


  19. oh wow I am so jealous!! (in a nice way). Glad you had such a fabulous time!!

  20. I've had the best time flipping between all your reports on the event. It's like News 24, but with better eye candy!

    Glad you had fun (and only slightly rabidly jealous).

  21. It was lovely to see you yesterday, i am sorry that i didn't see you for very long but i enjoyed every minute of it. Hopefully it won't be too long before we can get together again. You are all as lovely in person as on your blogs. Love Jane x

  22. It sounds like a fun time was had by all, with some amazing gifts being exchanged .... who needs a craft fair when all those home-made goodies were flying about?!

    The dotty cookies look delish!


  23. I've left you a little award over at my blog!
    Hope you are well. Must crack on with your card this evening!!

  24. I have greatly enjoyed looking in at all the posts about your get together.Thanks and glad you had a good time.

  25. How exciting! It sounds like you've had a wonderful weekend -- I'm sooo jealous -- would love to meet all of you. And Lucy has a sister almost blogger LOL???

  26. Sounds like great fun. I wish I made it along, love all your gifts, you could have set up your own stall!

  27. Sounds like a wonderful get together with fabulous treasures :)

  28. Oh how lovely, I am determined to make it to the fair one of these years and what lovely gifts you all exchanged. Days like that are food for the soul indeed.


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