Thursday, 20 March 2008

Fluffy bunnies and Easter chickies

Well, it seems you all love the pink bunnies as much as I did! They are settling in well; I was worried about the looks they were giving me as I made the hot cross buns until I realised that on the opposite page (in Nigella's Feast) there is a recipe for an Easter rabbit curry. Whoops.

Anyway, now I know that Jennie has received her parcel I can show you what I made for her:

I know some of you have already seen this little fluffball over at Jennie's blog, but I wanted to show him here, partly because I was very pleased with him - he's the first non-square thing I have ever crocheted! - and second because some of you asked about the pattern. He is the fluffy bunny from PlanetJune and he is not only very straightforward to make, the fluffy wool is quite forgiving of mistakes once you get used to not being able to see all your stitches very clearly! I am now bitten by the amigurumi bug and am designing my own simple bunny - watch this space.

I also made a covered notebook, with the rest of the spring fabric left over from the coffee cosies last week.

This is a pattern I made up a couple of weeks ago and I've completed quite a few of them. I always liked the Pink Chalk Studio notetaker but it was a bit more than I really needed and besides, I like a hard covered book rather than a notebook so I came up with this - it has a pen holder and pockets inside but doesn't end up much bigger than the notebook itself. I even used interfacing and a magnetic closure - I feel so grown up!


  1. You've been so busy creating loveliness! It's a blast of Easter cheer over here.

  2. Hi Val, I'm loving all the bunnies!! hope you all have a hoppingly good Easter together

  3. That bunny is adorable - I don't believe he is easy though!!!

    And I really loved the little notebook when Jennie showed it on her blog - that fabric is scrummy - I love it on my mug cozy!

    Have a really lovely Easter - I meant to be organised and send you an Easter card but I, ummm, sort of, umm well, forgot! Sorry!

    Lucy xxx

  4. bunny is lovely, but I don't believe he is easy either. and the note book is a great idea, love the pen holder and pockets.

  5. I got stressed enough knitting with fluffy wool - not so sure I'd cope with crocheting one!!

    I think a notebook tutorial may be in order!

    I hope you have a lovely weekend and the bed doesn't dump you on the floor too many times ;)

    Happy Easter xxxx

  6. Happy Easter Val - what great making! A magnetic snap does indeed sound very grown up!

  7. You're hysterical! Easter rabbit curry indeed -- those poor, poor bunnies, wondering what kind of a household they've come to! Your bunny is ADORABLE -- you should absolutely be pleased. And I NEVER would have guessed he was crocheted -- I thought he was made from some sort of fur. Bravo Miss Dotty!

  8. Loving the buuny, he has real character.

  9. What a cute bunny. Love the notebook - you have been busy!

  10. I love that fluffy bunny - hadn't realised it was crocheted. Gosh, I can't imagine being able to crochet anything other than a mat/blanket.

    The covered book is gorgeous - I started covering books a couple of months ago, and now I'm hooked. It makes the books so much more 'tactile' doesn't it?

    Hope you and yours are having a lovely Easter weekend. x

  11. Wow! what beautiful bunnies (both the one you sent and the three you recieved) i love your Easter material and my mug cosie has been working over time this week - Thank you Val Happy Easter love Jane x

  12. Your notebook is fantastic! I love all the you added to make it your own. The bunny is the sweetest! You've been busy! Wishing you and yours a very Happy Easter ((HUGS))

  13. I love my bunny and I love my notebook too!! You are definitely more grown up than me!

  14. Hello Lazylol - I'm glad you like them - I had a lot of fun making them. You have to love bunnies!

    Hello Kitty - I wasn't sure I could do more than crochet squares, but there he is!

  15. That is the cutest thing I have seen today - that bunny-

    except for my own kids...

    and the kangaroo with the joey ...

    but other than them that bunny is very very cute!

  16. Hello ShabbyShac - I saw your bunny from Jennie on your blog - aren't they gorgeous? So soft and snuggly. Mine are guarding the Easter eggs. Well, I say guarding, I think they might be trying to eat them actually ...

  17. Hi there
    Saw your lovely bunny on Jennies blog, wow how bunny tastic are you two, love the pink bunnies you received too.
    great blog

  18. He's a lovely bunny! I've got the amigurumi bug too...well, I've bought a's a start! There's are really cute octopus who's first on my list!


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