Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Brown paper packages tied up with string

Bloggers are a generous bunch (this is news to no-one, I'm sure). When Gina found out I had missed the signup for Lucy Locket's Valentine's swappage, she volunteered to do an unofficial version of the same swap with me as well as with her real swap partner - how kind is that? My package is waiting for her return from parts foreign, but she was very organised and sent hers to me early - lookie lookie!

She made this book herself. Gosh.

You can just see the corner of a very pretty little clutch, which I spectacularly failed to get any decent shots of - will try again tonight, because it's gorgeous and you *have* to see it. Inside was a beautiful brooch, machine embellished with tiny beads (and my horrible photo does not do it justice.) It will be a long time before I let Gina see my embroidery ...

And lots of chocolate (sadly all gone) and a big package for stash enhancement. Thank you Gina - it was lovely being your partner. Tea when you get back?

Then last week came another parcel from Charlie, creature crocheter extarordinaire.

Who's in that box?

Why, Mr Pigeon-017 of course!

And he even brought his passport, which made me squeal and my husband laugh. I had bought him as a gift for a pigeon-mad friend but how can I possibly send him off? Well, I can't, and I'm not. Sorry Sarah (she doesn't read this so she'll never know, bwahahaha)

But that's not all. Nestled snugly in the tissue were sweeties for the girls (very much to their approval) and this little fellow:

I had admired him when Charlie posted about him, but never for a minute expected to have my very own! Thank you Charlie, this was a fab package, and the pigeon and mushroom - now known as the Super Mushroom - are firm favourites already (though we are hiding them from the Monkee, just in case he starts to feel jealous).

What did I tell you? Lovely, lovely people. And now I must plot some parcels of my own ...


  1. I'd call that an extremely good mail day! Pigeon passport - how perfect.

  2. Ooh ooh - I received a pigeon this week too - aren't they just fabulous? I have Mr P 019, and he made me laugh. A lot.

    I'm really not surprised you can't bear to part with him.

    And the goodies from Gina? Absolutely gorgeous! Looking forward to seeing the bag - is it one of those lovely folded ones she had on her blog recently? (Guess I'll have to come back to find out - impatient - that's me!)


  3. Oh, lovely lovely parcels!! Don't you just love the mail man when he brings you such goodies??!! I love opening parcels. Love your pigeos!!! So cute and the mushroom is so yummy too!!

  4. What fabulous parcels, such a treat!

  5. The book looks so gorgeous! I love Pigeon having a passport, we all need to be able to identify ourselves these days, so why not a Pigeon! So sweet and hilarious!!

  6. Oh what lovely goodies from Gina! And as for Pigeon 017 - he's just wonderful - I really really want one too! Take care, Lucy x

  7. Oh dear, I forgot how wonky the little mushroom's smile turned out!
    Your valentine swap package is fantastic- I can't believe that book is HANDmade....amazing. That's another blog to add to the ever-increasing favourites list :)

  8. Gosh - aren't crafty bloggy people, lovely? That crocheted pigeon is wonderful, and as for Gina ... hmmm so much talent in one person.

    Lovely pictures, ta for sharing. x

  9. Seeing the gifts you've received is a wonderful substitute for not getting any of my own!!! It must be like going shopping with someone, and getting some weird gratification from seeing the other person buying lots of things!
    It must be that I feel I've opened those gifts by looking at your post....... thankyou!

  10. Lovely, lovely, lovely!
    Lucky you. The pigeon is gorgeous!

  11. Hello Kitty - There's something very special about crafty bloggers, it has to be said. Hope all is well with you!

    Hello Vanessa - Awww, thank you for your message. I can promise it's all as scrumptious in real life too!

  12. They are wonderful brown paper packages, I really love that pigeon and glad to hear that you won't be parting with him!

  13. Superb packages, lucky you. I have signed up for Lucy's Easter swap as I too missed out on her Valentines swap, as my computer was down !

  14. So many goodes! And you got one of those cute pigeons! Sweet little mushroom too. Bloggers are the best! Happy Day with your new treats ((HUGS))

  15. That Mr. Pigeon and his passport are cute as cake!

  16. Thanks for the comment on my blog. I will endeavour to make your rabbit a bit different to the ones I have posted ;) I've already got an idea after browsing your blog all morning.
    The pigeon and presents are great!

  17. Love that Pigeon (and mushroom)Val.
    Thanks for all your lovely kind words... as you can see I'm back so yes please for the tea!

    Have a lovely weekend!

    Gina xx

  18. Wow Val what gorgeous goodies!!!

    Gina makes such special things - I love that book!

    I agree that you should keep Mr Pigeon - far too lovely to part with :)



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