Sunday, 27 January 2008

Psychedelic monkee madness

I entered a draw over at MonkeeMaker late one evening; I was comment 54 and thought I had no chance of winning - but I did! And early on Thursday morning a parcel arrived, and Tiny Small and I could hardly control our excitement. There were yummy chocolates, and a very cheeky person who made himself at home right away:

Once the chocolates were gone, he became a little confused by the cheerleader pompoms,

so we thought we should take him upstairs to endure Trial by Pinkness.

He wasn't impressed.

"Arghhhh .... my ... googly ... eyes ... heeeeeelp!"

He spurned the help offered by a friendly native (bit of a violent streak there?),
and discovered more horror lurking on the wall:

"Giant ... pink ... flowers ... I ... must ... find ... shelter!"

But what's this?

Could it be?


(with apologies to my sister who made this fabulous cardigan, a favourite when the girls were small enough to fit into it.)

With renewed courage he set off to explore,

and scaled the castle.


But hang on a minute ...

Who does he think he is? King Kong?!

We rescued Mummy Cat and put Monkee (for thus is he known in this house) in his rightful place.

We are very glad he has come to live with us (though he is a bit cheeky), and now the initial shock has passed, I think he is quite contented here too.

Thank you, Kerry - you've made three girls very happy, and one man slightly worried for his wife's sanity ...


  1. It's a fab and clearly well-loved monkey.

  2. Awww, he looks like he's settled in really well - hope you have lots of monkey mischief with him.

    Fabulous photos - I really enjoyed it. x

  3. You look to be having a worrying amount of fun with that monkey! So much personality.

  4. wow, what a lot of fun that monkey has been having! truly a weekend of monkeying around!

  5. What a wonderful story of a monkey discovering his new home. And your sanity seems to be OK with me!

  6. Nothing wrong with your sanity dear! (I have the same problem with the men here who all think I'm barmy)

    Monkee seems to have settled well - his antics made me laugh out loud. This monkee madness is obviously catching!

    Take care

    Gina x

  7. Well if he can survive that kind of initiation then he should survive anything! More King of Pink than King Kong - he's very cute

  8. Monkee looks very happy and I'm sure he will soon aclimatise to his pink surroundings!!! Lucy x

  9. heehee- you really made me laugh. I think Monkey will settle in with the pink family just fine!

  10. Awww...he's lovely and that was a very funny post!
    (BTW my recipe was a WW one)

  11. I'm so pleased to see Monkee has gone to such a good home. I sort of have a vested interest as I sent MM the barmy rainbow monkee wool from which he is made :)
    Your husband will get used to it. He will soon realise resistance to monkees made of knit, and all that they bring with them, is futile!
    Very gorgeous pink dolls house by the way Little Miss Dottycookie - my Minx would love that!

    Lesley xx

  12. David: He is a wonderful friend to my little ones and is enjoying pride of place snuggled with them as I write. what a smoothie!

    Kitty: I'm glad you liked the photos - we had lots of fun taking them but needed a little sit down afterwards. I don't know how MonkeeMaker keeps coming up with new stories!

  13. Glad to see there's loads of monkee madness going on at you house !
    People just don't get blogging do they !

  14. He's gorgeous !!

    But who's the blonde bimbo he's in bed with ? I hope his intentions are honourable ?!?!

    ( P.S. - love the writing under your "Leave a Comment" bit here - I often feel at odds when I can't trace someone back ! )

    I might borrow it .... ( I didn't even know you could personalise that bit !! )

  15. You're more than welcome, although, if you could pass on my sincere apologies to your husband, then I'd be grateful.

    Love the pictures of Monkee and Tiny Small, and the camouflage is brilliant!


  16. What a very cute monkey, love his adventures in his new home!

  17. So gorgeous this post - made me laugh! Esp. King Kong..

    From a fellow covert blogger

  18. Such a sweet and funny post! An active imagination is always a good thing! ;o) Happy days ((HUGS))

  19. OH my I have come over a funny shade of green!!!

  20. LOL What a cute little monkey :)

  21. Total monkey mayhem! What fun! Lina x

  22. What a cute monkey -- and very fun post! I suspect your hubby isn't the only bloghubby wondering about his wife's sanity! ;-)

  23. lazylol: I'm glad you enjoyed it! And thanks for the recipe info - I will be trying that one out.

    weirdbunny: Actually, I was quite glad none of my work colleagues did get to see what I get up to on my days off ;-)

    Dragonfly: Isn't he great? He is quite at home now!

  24. Wow! I love the monkey and it is obvious that your little one does too! What fun you have on your blog.

  25. Such a cute thing! Your post brought a big smile to my face, love all his little poses, he looks so happy in his new loving home! :O)

  26. Monkee looks like a bit of a character he also looks as if he has made himself right at home at Dotty Cookie's.

  27. iTs MonKEe here dotticooke huz lefft puter logggd on. Pawz bit biiig for keyz sorree. Pinnk actuly nyce wonce is addjust. Hubbyyy cuite friendlee wonce u get two no hym. Oook. Bannaanna. Tee hee.


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