Saturday, 29 December 2007


I'm not going to write a list of resolutions as lots of people have already written my list for me - I could use any of these! So instead ... we went to Liberty on Saturday so I could buy my Christmas present (hee hee!) and I found some of the scrumptious and non-fattening Martha Negley Cupcakes and Teacups fabrics.

I've been lusting after these literally for months. I managed to leave some on the shelf for anyone else who gets there quickly - and it wasn't easy, believe me. And then I saw the whole shelf of Amy Butler prints. Hmmm. I'd better say this quietly - I don't think I really like Amy Butler fabrics. There, it's said. Please don't judge me, all you goddesses of style! There really is no hope for me.

We came back via St Pancras. How could we not, knowing that MrsM is so proud of MrM for his part in it?

I'd seen it described as "the sexiest station in the world", and let's just say the writer did not lie. We stood there like Sir John Betjeman:

All we could do was gaze at this beautiful old structure, so gorgeously modernised, and feel very envious of the people setting off on Eurostar while we shuffled back to grubby Kings Cross. But hey! At least we got to show the girls Harry Potter's Trolley!

Anyway, you'd think that would be enough, but no. Today we braved Cambridge John Lewis for school shoes; who was the genius that placed the children's shoes next to the toy department and then ensured a 30 minute queue? Thank goodness I was not wrangling both of them by myself ... Of course, after that ordeal I had to just check the haberdashery department. I was feeling very pleased with myself that I had resisted the delicious new glass beads (because really, I do not need any more stitch markers and unless I start selling them I will soon be buried) when I spied the woolly sale bin. Tell me honestly, could you have resisted this little lot at £3 per ball?

No willpower at all. Which doesn't bode at all well for the New Year's resolutions. Oh well, have a great night and a brilliant 2008! I'm off to find some champagne.


  1. Happy New Year.

    I love Liberty. How can you not?

    Looking forward to visiting you in 08.

  2. Oooh, don't you just love those bargain yarn tubs? I did rather well in one of those myself recently :-D I am in a quandary though - the local fabric shop has a sale starting next weekend - my stash is already overflowing the four large tubs I have in the dining room. I shouldn't really buy anymore. Should I?

    Hope you and yours all have a Happy New Year. x

  3. Have a very happy 2008 and feel free to make use of my list anytime!!! (at least then someone will be doing the good things!) Love your new fabrics and your wool too! I am only recently beginning to like Amy Butler fabrics and I have never actually seen any in real life so that could be a totally different matter! Heres to Heresy anyway! Lucy x

  4. No, I could not have resisted all that yarn. Or that fabric. And no, I don't like Amy Butler fabric either. But, oh, St Pancras looks gorgeous, I can feel a London Day Trip happening very soon...

    Happy New Year!

  5. Happy New Year and Hurray for not making lists! Thanks for a wonderful year of blogging, it was nice meeting you dear DottyCookie!

  6. Lots of lovely bargains - love that fabric! We could have been in John Lewis in Cambridge at the same time and not known it!

    Happy New Year Val.
    Gina x

  7. love those fabrics, what are you going to make with them??

    happy new year : )

  8. Happy New Year to you and your family Val!!! We went through St Pancras the other day, it is a very sexy station. It's beauty almost made up for the fact that our train was cancelled!!! Love the fabrics you bought and I've got the daunting task of school shoes this week.

  9. Happy New Year! Hope it is filled with love, laughter and creativity!

  10. What scrumptious finds! The fabrics look delicious and the yarns are so pretty! You also write really well. I will have visit often!

    Happy crafting new year!

  11. What lovely things you bought, sounds like a good day to me.
    Happy New Year to you and your family.

  12. Oooo--lots of goodies! Happiest of days to you & yours in 2008! ((HUGS))

  13. Liberty, eh? You lucky thing :) Very nice fabric choices and woolly bargains- I'm off to John Lewis tomorrow to raid their giant wool bin, too!

  14. happy new year!

    love the fabric!! and the wool.. show us what you make..

    hope the champagne was good!

  15. Happy New Year to you and your family!! Oh my when it comes to yarn I just can't help myself! :o) I have a pretty good stash, no let me be honest, I have a lot!! I promised myself...I will not buy anymore yarn till I use up at least some of what I have LOL! Enjoy all your goodies!!



  16. Happy New Year! I love the cupcake fabric (that would be the only cupcake I am allowed at the mo). I did have a brief spell of liking Amy Butler, but am over it now. Not keen. Much better offerings out there (like your cupcakes!).
    Cathy XX

  17. Your heresy has made me laugh -- I'm pretty much with you on Amy Butler -- I like a few of her prints, but only a few. I do pass over my biases though, and occasionally use them when I think the recipient might like them. All this sexy train station talk is making those of us without them jealous! The pics are great -- thanks for sharing!

  18. I,m hoping to make a trip to London in the summer. The station looks wonderful on the news. (I only like certain Amy Butler fabrics !)


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