Saturday, 22 December 2007

Decking the halls

I was tagged by Lina for random Christmassy things recently, so I thought I'd tie it in with some pictures of decorations and see if I can make some sort of pattern from the randomness - hey, I am a scientist after all!

I've been holding off posting these pictures as some have been sent off in the Montessori by Hand swap and I was waiting until I was confident the parcel must have arrived; but then I realised if I didn't put photos of them now I'd be posting about Christmas decorations after Christmas! I made quite a few decorations this year, trying to find the right ones to send . Not all of these made it into the parcel but here they are anyway:

These are clove scented, and the beaded snowflakes were inspired by some that Dragonfly made for her Christmas cards this year. Random thing: I still secretly hope for a white Christmas even though the only ones I remember were in the US and even though it would be complete chaos in this country if we did get snow at Christmas and even though I know I'm the designated driver on Christmas Day - and I hate driving in snow. I used to be OK in a 4wd pickup in snow, but in a people carrier? Scary thought.

I was really pleased with these - then I saw something very similar in Good Housekeeping, so not very original after all. Random thing - I love red and white in Christmas decorations - maybe because they're the colours of Father Christmas?

I've had these little panels for ages but I finally stitched them and stuffed them - more cloves! And there's another random thing - I can't resist Christmas fabric or Christmas ribbons. I've had the various bits of fabric I've stitched for a good couple of years but they called to me in the shop ...

These looked very different in my head. Fimo is far more bendy than I remember it! There's a little bell swinging at the bottom, which sounds very festive but won't hang still from a shaky hand. Random thing: You can see here evidence of my "more is more" approach to tree decoration - we don't have tinsel or garlands on our tree, and we do have simple white unflashing lights, but the concession to good taste ends there. If I see a branch without a bauble, I don't feel I've done my job ...

This is a little wreath I made using mosaic tiles from the local craft shop. They took far more tiles than I thought they would to get the tiny cardboard rings covered but I am pleased with them. Random thing: I love a wreath on the door at Christmas. My mum always put the same one up and it had that essential Christmas familiarity about it. Throughout my childhood we had all the decoration in Sainsbury's carrier bags, with the baubles packed in plastic egg boxes. I love unwrapping the same decorations year after year. I loved the crinkle of those boxes and the rustle of the bags, and the smell of the plasticine and oasis she always used to make a Christmas display with floral picks and model reindeer. Gorgeous.

These were fabulous fun. We had some very cheap beads left over from a necklace making party and I decided to stick them onto silver wreaths. I LOVE these. In fact I'm tempted to stock up on the bead sets lining the supermarket shelves at the moment and going into production for next year!


  1. what lovely decorations, and christmas randomness!
    I especially like the bead decoration!!!

  2. Love your decorations and you random items! Have a super Christmas and New Year! Lucy xxx

  3. Oh yes! I say hit the bead sales for sure. Come and say hi if you get a moment - I've just attempted to shift my blog and need some testing assistance.

    Have a really fabby Christmas won't you!

  4. They are truly lovely decorations - my favourites are the button hearts. I might have a go at some of those if it's ok with you? Maybe next year?

    Merry Christmas :-) x

  5. I love those hearts out of button too. I've got white ones on my little tree. They gave me blisters on my hand pulling them through the wire though.

  6. Thanks for visiting and admiring my bootees. My grand daughter will be wearing them on Christmas day!
    Your buttons and beads are just beautiful.Hope you have a lovely Christmas Peace and Blessings*

  7. The mingling of your decorations and random facts was seamless!! Love the decorations, especially the bead ones!! Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas

  8. The bead one is my favourite closely followed by the button hearts!
    I'm glad you found inspiration from my's like an inspiration pass-the-parcel!
    Have a lovely Christmas and thanks for all your comments. x

  9. Wow! Whose been a busy girl with her glue gun?! These are all lovely - especially those snowflake hearts...! Happy holidays to you!

  10. Your tree must sparkle with those beautiful decorations. I love the bead rings - happy memories for those girls of yours!

  11. Hi Val- am recovering slowly! Thankyou for your comments! I too love the decs-especially the heart button one and the beaded wreath, must be the magpie in me! I shall have to have a go at those. Have a fabulous Christmas, x

  12. I love the clove-filled hearts and the mosaic wreath best - all are gorgeous though !!

    Your tree sounds *exactly* like ours !

    And the wreath on the door ? Even though we're not in a crime-area per se ... mine is really, really nice and I am *terrified* of someone stealing it !! So it's just inside the door.

    I'm thinking I should get a cheapie to put on the door ... bit late now, so maybe next year :)

    Merry Christmas !

  13. My wreath:

    I just love it !

  14. I am so in love with the beaded wreath - great idea. I'm with you on the packing the tree as full as possible idea, but ours is looking a bit sparse at the bottom as Bodie keeps knocking baubles off with his tail every time he walks past. The top is overloaded though as we keep moving things higher! Hope you have a fab Christmas.
    Cathy X

  15. Just LOVE all your beautiful and very sweet tastefull and delightful each of them! Those little beaded wreaths are especially fetching, as are the hearts. Have a wonderful weekend making ready...And a very Happy Holiday Season to you & yours, and many blessings in the New Year ((HUGS))

  16. All of your decorations are gorgeous. You are so talented. If you go into production for next Christmas, I'll be first in the queue to buy! Have a very merry Christmas and best wishes for 2008.


  17. So pretty!
    I love them all, but my favorites are the button hearts.

  18. I love your deco's so cute! especially the heart button ones.. I did make some button baubles this year (got the idea off cottage magpie) but alas, did not take pics.. the kids actually helped/hindered but we had fun!



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