Friday, 16 November 2007

Who's a lucky girl then?

As many others have discovered, the best bit about blogging is the kindness of the people you "meet". Most days I'll have email or comments that make me laugh out loud, and since there are only so many times my long suffering husband can admire knitted socks or new fabric, it's lovely to be able to show it to others who will appreciate it. Maybe this is unique to the family/craft blog community, but it is a constant joy.

Anyway, I've been very lucky recently to receive three (!) gorgeous packages from kind women. Unforgivably it has taken me 2 weeks to publicly thank Katy for the parcel she sent as a prize in her recent giveaway (don't worry, I did email, I'm not quite *that* rude!) - it was held up in the aftermath of the post strike but was well worth the wait:

Her little one painted the pot, which is even prettier and sparklier in real life and currently full of glittery mosaic pieces. Katy makes really beautiful softies at I'm A Ginger Monkey, do go and have a look. And watch out for the yoyos appearing here one day soon.

Alice of the wonderfully original The Magpie Files sent the most generous gift for my two tinies; who could resist Smartie paper?

And inside, sweeties and pencils and notebooks, every little girl's favourite - especially since there were even two different shades of pink!

Plus books, which have kept us busy for the last two bedtimes (I hope they don't get any ideas from My Naughty Little Sister when she pokes a feather duster up the sooty chimney).

There were even tiny beaded butterflies made by the lovely and talented MissM - I have stolen those away and have plans for a brooch ...

Finally the postie knocked on the door today with a parcel from Tracy - I won the Christmas knitting giveaway at her beautiful Pink Purl recently and there were goodies for all of us:

I have big plans for that wool - you'll see. It is incredibly soft!

The soundtrack to this photo was a small person shouting "Give me those sweeties!" across the garden (Back off, half pint. At least 2 of them are MINE, bwahahahaha).

The light is pretty but very low at the moment but I couldn't resist snapping the frosty table before it all thawed.

All in all, I feel a bit like Katy Carr when she and Clover receive their Christmas parcels in What Katy Did at School - thoroughly spoiled, very happy and a little overwhelmed!


  1. Lovely goodies. Have a great weekend.
    Take care,
    Alison x

  2. Oh! You are very welcome. It was fun to have an excuse to go shopping.

  3. Lovely goodies you have there. Great frosty photo too. I think frost is just about my favourite weather. Everything looks like its sprinkled with sugar :)

  4. Wow, what fab post! Miss T and I loved reading my naughty little sister at bedtime too. We have also been making volcanos too, this morning the first wasn't so explosive and considered giving to J with a few sprinkles if chocolate on! But didn't.

  5. Good goodies! You deserve them! Lucy x

  6. You really are a lucky girl.

  7. Wow, you are lucky! What parcels to receive! I'm glad you're enjoying them :)


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