Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Slip one, drop one

After all the science and moaning I thought I should put something crafty up. I have actually been really busy making stuff!

I've been making a lot of stitch markers recently, both for myself and as gifts. I am mildly embarassed to admit that until this summer I had no idea how to use these - I used to have those split plastic monstrosities and get them tangled up with the wool, until I finally realised that the markers go *on the needle*, not in the wool. Doh. Anyway, there's no stopping me now, and here are a few pics of how I make them in case anyone else wants to have a go. Sorry about the yellowness - I am not often crafting during daylight these days!

I use silver headpins from the local craft shop and any beads I can find. My favourites recently have been some really pretty glass lampworked ones. Arrange the beads in the pin:

Bend the top end of the pin at right angles about 3 mm from the top of the topmost bead - this makes a little shank to wrap the wire round later. Now you need to form a loop - you can do this with round pliers but I tend to wrap around a large gauge knitting needle:

Now you need to wrap the loose end tightly around the gap between the loop and the pin. This will be familiar to anyone who has made many earrings in the past but if you want pictures let me know:

I tend to make them in pairs but odd ones also look pretty.

Now go and knit something!

A couple of people have asked what stitch markers are for - well, I find them invaluable in sock knitting, or anywhere there is any counting to be done. I hate counting stitches almost as much as I hate sewing up knitting - which is why I tend to knit in the round. And there you really need a marker to show you where the start of each circular row is or it rapidly goes to pot ...


  1. These are delightful. Thank you for posting how to make them. I am not familiar with stitch markers at all. I guess I am a fairly basic knitter, in fact I would describe myself as a lapsed knitter having just started something this week after a very long gap! So what are the stitch markers there to achieve?
    Your blog is lovely. I have enjoyed reading it.

  2. Very nice stitch markers! I like that idea - just need to remind myself how to knit!!!! Lucy x

  3. they're just wonderful, now I just need to improve my knitting so that I can do patterns that need stitch markers!

  4. Those are lovely...and so easy to make! Stitch markers make knitting extra fun and pretty! Thanks for sharing...happy knitting ((HUGS))

  5. I had some for sock-knitting but I've yet to need any more for anything else. I got them in a kit with the sock woole and pattern.

    Yours are beautiful, enjoy the sock (?) you're knitting!

  6. Fab tutorial- thanks! I will definitely be making a fancy stitch marker to replace the not so exciting safety pin I'm currently using.

  7. They're lovely Val, It makes me want to start knitting again!
    Kim x
    PS The timeline of the Universe is coming along surprisingly well, thanks!!

  8. That is so pretty although I have no idea what a stich marker is and why you need one. It would make a lvely earring.

  9. They're great...I've got those horrid plastic things, but will definitely make one of yours now - thank you!

  10. Lovely marker...I made a few a while back...not as nice as yours and I got so flustrated with the size of loop I went back to bits of thread...I am sure yours are much more proffessional!!!
    Ah how I wish I could knit socks!!!

  11. Very pretty. Although I'm not a knitter, so I'd have to also have to ask, what are these little guys for exactly?!!!

  12. Have just discovered your wonderful blog... and learned something new. I never knew how to use those stitch markers and always struggle with those horrid plastic things.Makes so much sense to put them on the needle!!!


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