Friday, 9 November 2007

Not waving ...

Last Sunday's ideal:

Today's reality:

I worked an extra half day this week and it has destroyed what little control I have over the house. Am I the only one who is only just barely managing to do all the things I have to do, let alone get ready for that big holiday that's just around the corner? Don't get me wrong, I adore Christmas, but right now I feel like inhaling three bars of chocolates and half a bottle of Gordons.

Sorry, I must go, the washing machine is beeping at me .... arghhhhhhhhh!


  1. I know EXACTLY what you mean. Take your foot off the throttle for 2 mins and it all goes to pot.

    Hey ho.

  2. A bottle of Gordons? Please tell me all about it!
    Good luck with the ‘mess’ and I hope the first photo will be what you will see tomorrow night!

  3. Oooh, inhaling bars of chocolate. I like the sound of that. Count me in.

  4. Just looking at that first picture makes me feel better. Don't worry about the laundry - that is what washing machines are for.

  5. Right there with you! As a result of a week spent sewing like mad the house has been left to go to pot and I am the only one who seems to notice! Maybe that's a good thing ;)
    Inhaling a bottle of Gordons sounds like a plan - 'tis the season to be jolly after all!!. At least then everything would be so blurred you wouldn't care.
    Good luck.

  6. When your lifeboat comes to rescue you make sure you look out for me too as I'm in the same state! Take care, Lucy x

  7. It's washing day here too! LOL! I know how you feel...Oh, you won a prize at my place, stop by when you can! Have a great weekend, my friend ((HUGS))

  8. You will be happy to know I found your buttons and have safely secured them for an unknown, yet upcoming project :)

    I am doing a tree and decorations here this year, and for the first time, I am NOT doing dinner, or feeding hordes. I am looking forward to the non-stress, to tell you the truth...

    P.S. - will organise your swap package soon - I swear ! :)


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