Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Bet you look good on the dance floor

We went off to a wedding last weekend, and a good time was had by all. But capturing photos of tiny people in the darkness of an evening disco is very hard when they won't stand still!

I've been tagged by Tess to list 8 random things about me, and was tagged ages ago by Nicolette for 6 facts, so I guess I should try:

1. I am married to a very kind man who is 11 inches taller than me, and my children look like they'll be taller than me too. I shall be known as "Little Mummy"!

2. I have a PhD (well, actually a DPhil) in molecular biology, and my thesis supervisor won the Nobel Prize - not directly for my work, I hasten to add!

3. I love to read. When the children were little the thing that drove me most to distraction was not being able to read for more than a few minutes at a time. My favourite, most frequently read and reread is Pride and Prejudice (how original).

4. I used to be able to snowboard (badly), but I can't ski. I haven't done either since having children.

5. I adore Radiohead. We saw them at a tiny venue in upstate New York around the time The Bends came out; they were already big in the UK but barely known there and it was simply brilliant. Fake Plastic Trees - just, aaaaaah. I realise this makes me sound very, very sad and old.

6. I am chronically untidy, but I actually hate mess and from time to time stomp around the house with a big rubbish sack, muttering and throwing stuff in.

7. I have seen Four Weddings and a Funeral so many times I virtually know it by heart.

8. I watch rubbish TV, but I have to be doing something else at the same time - sewing, knitting, pretending to read.

Oh, and I pulled a muscle in my back today pushing the pushchair and it huuuurts! But that's not one of the 8 things ;-)

The rules for both tags say I need to tag more people - but I think many of you have already done this. If you haven't, and you'd like to, then you're tagged!


  1. So - a tiny humpback with a rubbish bag muttering Radiohead and dreaming of molecular biology and Colin Firth. You sound perfect!

    I adore that picture - it captures the happiness of the occasion in a way that a posed photo misses.

  2. Hmm. I feel we should join a quiz team or perhaps enter 'Mastermind' our specialist subject being Four Weddings. I know it all off by heart. My favourite line?
    "There's a greatness to your lateness" oooh, and, "Scarlet you're blind. She looks like a giant meringue." Sigh. Love your blog, it's great and has cheered me up after a rubbish day."Splendid, I thought. What did you think?" will stop now.x

  3. I do the same thing with the rubbish bag every so often - and muttering is compulsory. Everyone knows to stay out of the way when I am armed with black polythene! I love Radiohead too, and I love reading (tho P&P is my 3rd fave after Alice in Wonderland and To The Lighthouse). Sorry about your back - hope it isn't too bad. Thanks for your cheering message on my blog btw.
    Cathy XX

  4. The molecular biology thing explains why you know how to make things fit!
    I love 4 W and 1 F too!! I’m a big fan of English movies and series. Thanks for taking part in the tag!

  5. I think the photo is perfect, and I loved reading your meme... I look forward to my visits here, because I know something interesting and wonderful will be awaiting! You and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving...

    Hugs to you...


  6. Ah, now your talking my language, no not molecular biology, Four Weddings!!!

  7. That is such a cute photo...little kids dancing is such a funny, sweet thing. Loved your list--and love your humor about life. P & P--my fave too! Radiohead--that does not make you old & sad, that makes you fab! ;o) Hope your back is feeling better! Happy Days ((HUGS))

  8. love the photo.
    hope your back is better soon, there's nothing worse.
    thanks for joining in, I love all your facts, especially the tidying one! I have a coaster with a tidy fairy on, but she's chronically lazy and never does anywork, well that's my excuse for our mess anyway.

  9. I am so with you on no.6! I just cannot keep the place tidy. We all make a mess here but I'm possibly the worst offender - not that I'd admit it to THEM!!
    I also crack big time and 'rationalise' every so often!!
    V impressed with the Molecular Biology BTW - I did a bit during my degree but to do a whole DPhil on it - wow!
    love Lesley x

  10. My favourite 4W&aF line is "Why be dull?" What's molecular biology?!

  11. Ok, so you did Sciences while I did Arts - didn't know you had a PhD in it!!!!! (I tried but didn't get to the end - even after 5 years - before life, money and children got in the way!)

    Great facts - very interesting! Lucy x

  12. I think I love Love Actually just a little more than 4Ws and a F.

    From a chronically untidy person who also does the rubbish bag thing too.

    And who watches TV exactly the same way!

  13. Oh how I love finding out more things about my fav. bloggers.
    Suzie Sews
    PS look after that back...oach

  14. Very interesting indeed! Sorry to hear about the bad back, but it's nice to get to learn more about a fellow blogger.

    Try some deep heat and a good massage, maybe from the Gigantic Hubby? ;)

  15. Wow, you learn something new every day! That certainly explains the recent scientific posts. Incidentally what is the difference between molecular biology and non-molecular biology? (Sounds like the beginning of a very geeky joke!) And there's nothing wrong with rubbish telly, in fact it's one of the things I miss the most!

  16. Hello Dr Val!!! Love finding out more about you. I'm a fellow Pride and Prejudice junkie and a bit of a messy miss too! Hope that back gets better, have a good weekend
    Kim xx

  17. What a great photo - and a brilliant list.

    I used to be tall - I blame back surgery at 30 for the fact that my kids are now looking down on me!

    Hope yours is feeling better now (back, that is)

    Have a happy weekend :)

    ps. Thanks for the pattern in the last post - such a cute pudding!

  18. Just swinging by to reply to your comment to say that oh yes I am pleased!!!


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