Tuesday, 23 October 2007

The time of my life ...

The rescreening of Dirty Dancing the other day (which I missed, boo) reminded my sister of a video she saw on YouTube - a couple had put in a lot of effort rehearsing their first wedding dance.

I know you can embed videos but I haven't figured it out yet, so for those who are interested, here's the link:

Dirty Dancing wedding video

It's a bit different from the shuffle we did to Ella Fitzgerald!


  1. I watched the video clip but unfortunately without sound as my computer is silly - so it was a bit surreal! I kept waiting for them to fall over or for him to drop her but then realised it wasn't one of those films! Our wedding dance definitely involved 4 left feet - even with the half hour practice we had before hand! Lucy x

  2. I would be too embarrassed to do anything like that good for them. I'd love to have a nice dance routine. If I ever get married that is.

  3. How fantastic they had the guts to go for it - I was grinning ear to ear whilst watching!

  4. All I remember of ours was praying it would be over soon because I was so excruciatingly embarrassed. Dancing - not my thing! But theirs was really joyful.

  5. We didn't have a wedding reception (so no first dance), just a meal out after getting married at the little white wedding chapel in Las Vegas (we did take the plunge only 4 mths after our first meeting!!!)
    If we had, I would have LOVED to do that. DD is one of my fave films, and I love that clip - it's a proper feel good, isn't it nice to be in love type of thing.

  6. leenI love Dirty Dancing...I watch it every time it is on tv...and I always end up pretending I am dancing....the finale dance!!! Usually with my husband shaking his head the whole time. Colleen

  7. Oh my gosh, I don't think I ever cried/laughed so hard watching a YouTube video. They are my heroes!

    That is only second to my friend Sara and Karl's wedding when he took off her garter - he did a knee slide to her chair across the floor, hopped up, did a quadruple pirouette and then a little pelvic thrusty dance to "Ya'll Ready for This"? Of course, they're professional dancers - so they can get away with stuff like that hahahaha.


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