Monday, 1 October 2007

More thank yous - and a plea

Simmy went off on a big US jaunt recently, and while she was there she very kindly picked up some rather delicious linen for me (I have plans for this, wait and see) and - joy of joys - Martha's Good Things for Kids - the party edition!! Millie laid claim to this immediately, and started making plans for her birthday party which is imminent. Interestingly I think someone from Waitrose has been reading it too as they have just started selling lolly flower fairy cakes that look remarkably like some featured herein:

The parcels were gorgeously wrapped and it was such a thoughtful gift - thank you Simmy!

And now for the plea bit - it's actually mainly for UK knitters - have you seen the campaign Innocent are running for little hats to go on their Smoothies? For every hat sent in (and put on a smoothie bottle that is then sold) they will donate 50p to Age Concern. They're aiming for 400,000 hats, which is a lot, but they are really quick to knit (the bobble takes longer than the knitting!) I did convert their pattern to knit in the round as I detest joining seams, but it's a bit fiddly with so few stitches. It's hardly rocket science but I can post it if anyone wants it. The hat deadline is October 22nd ...


  1. What a great present.
    As to the hats...I only wish I could knit. Do they do crocheted ones?!

  2. inalGot them at the summer sales for £2.99 - i haven't figured out how to do poms poms yet but have knitted up a couple of hats for innocent.


  3. YEY! Another hat knitter. Just found you blog via Two Hippos and I love it! Keep up the good work.

  4. I'm good at pompoms....

    And that Good Things for Kids is great isn't it? I came by a copy too!

  5. They're very cute but alas I'm another non-knitter.

  6. What a wonderful idea to make hats for smoothie bottles. There is also a Dutch website and they have the patterns on the site! Thanks for sharing, I will go and make some!

  7. I can also do pom poms, but only in green wool, it's the only one I've got!

    Like the look of the book, let me know if it's worth a purchase.

    Julia x

  8. Such wonderful treats from Simmy! I've seen those hats for Smoothies--they are soo cute! Happy Day ((HUGS))

  9. I will be doing one and I've got to remember how to do bobbles. I do remember doing them when I was little but not since - I know it involves winding and cutting and cardboard. Any pointers?!

  10. I'm thinking that there should be a full Dottycookie pompom tutorial. Photos and possibly a video clip.

  11. I've started knitting hats and am addicted xD. 5 so far...

    To answer a few questions (Excuse me Val!).

    You can crochet hats too or sew them I've seen no end of variations on their site.

    As for pompoms you can buy a pompom maker from a craft store which sure beats cutting circles lol. Although I make mine on my fingers :).


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