Monday, 3 September 2007

Toasty toes

I have to admit it, I am not a faithful crafter. I fall in love far too easily with the latest project to catch my eye, dedicate all my free time and effort to it for a few weeks, spend (far too much) money on supplies I will never get round to using, and then am distracted by a new, shinier hobby. I have boxes of, well, stuff languishing on shelves - I could never post a picture of my beautifully appointed, inspirational, dedicated craft space as so many others have done, because it's just scattered all over the place and would inspire no-one. Scrapbooking, that was a good one. I can see it's a good idea to preserve the photos with witty little comments but I get stuck in the glue and can't ever decide on just the right combination of paper and embellishments and ... oh it's much easier to just blog it.

Anyway, my latest obsession is sock knitting. My sister bought me a sock knitting kit for my birthday and I've been holding off until I had finished some other projects, knowing it would suck me in. And once I did start - on holiday, looking out at mountains and feeling not at all silly knitting wolly socks in August because, frankly, it felt like October - I didn't stop until I'd finished mine, and made another tiny pair for Millie, and started on some for Elsie. Oh, and then I ran out of wool, so I had to go and find some more and ... you can see where this is going, can't you?


  1. Those look so gorgeously toasty - 'cause it is Autumn really now, isn't it.

  2. Ok, fess up, how did you do the toes? I could not work out how to do it thus it went wrong. Typical. So put-off was I that I haven't finished the second one! I will, in time, I just lost my toe-confidence...

    I'm currently knitting a tank-top type thing, to keep me warm in Autumn/Winter whilst gardening. I do recommend knitting/ crocheting yourself a knee-blanket, heaven on an Autumnal evening :)

  3. LOVE those that self-stripping yarn, fun colors! Can easily see this will be your new obsession ;o) I've yet to be a convert to sock knitting...No matter how hard I try I always seem to get a "ladder" between needles no matter how hard I tug on those first stitches *SIGH* I've been doing more knitting lately though and loving it--something about autumn and knititng going very well together. Happy Knitting ((HUGS))

  4. What beautiful yarn you have there! It seems as though the knitting bug is bitting in blogland... Many are taking out the needles and getting ready to knit. I plan to finish some projects this fall and have a few new patterns I plan to work on... I love knitting socks, but I hate to darn them, and I am always getting holes! Any suggestions? Enjoy your knitting...



  5. I have the same track record with crafts. I have boxes of supplies sitting in the closet that will never be touched again, unless it falls out on my feet when I try and cram in the next thing I've lost interest in.


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