Monday, 10 September 2007

Tales from the riverbank

We discovered the joys of punting years ago when we were students and would spend hours "studying" on the river. Aided by picnics, of course. I remember one occasion we were punting past a spot in Oxford called Parson's Pleasure where clothes used to be optional for those privileged enough to be allowed in. The river bed is quite muddy, and the river itself curves around and on this occasion the friend who was punting was getting very flustered as a lightly clothed male don came wandering over to see what we were up to and she exclaimed "It's no good, there's no bottom here!" Or did I imagine it?

Anyway, this weekend my father-in-law came to visit and we decided that it was far enough past peak tourist season to risk a punting trip. The girls are now big enough to sit down, and enjoyed their bright orange life jackets. Usually we head up towards Grantchester but this time we decided to go along the Backs and it was really gorgeous - sunny but not scorching, not too many obstacles in the way and ducks and cows to be looked at. In Cambridge the tradition is to stand on the flat platform at then end of the punt, while in Oxford we were taught that you're much less likely to slip off & fall in if you stand at the other end *in* the punt. I don't suppose it really matters but it does mean we get eased every time we go out!

I forgot the camera - doh! - so instead, here's a picture of the anemones currently going nuts in our garden.


  1. Gorgeous anemone--love that raspberry color! So glad you had a great weekend...((HUGS))

  2. Sounds like you had a good time. I've only been punting in Cambridge once and I remember it being great fun.
    Kim x
    Did you find a bag of sherbet pips yet?

  3. I'm so jealous - I love punting. And of course you have to do it the right way standing on the platform at the back - standing inside the punt is for sissies!!
    I was punted away from my wedding and threw my bouquet up to Clare bridge but it missed and floated down the river - very romantic. It won't be long before the girls can punt you around. Happy days.

  4. Sounds like a wonderful weekend.. What a beautiful flower, I love the color...just gorgeous.


    Beverly :o)

  5. Haven't been punting in years! And on reflection, knowing my offspring, will not be punting for several more! Glad you guys had fun though.

  6. Punting sounds marvellous, one of those wonderfully English pasttimes! Glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for sharing the Parson's Pleasure story - I'm always partial to a little giggle throughout the day!


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