Tuesday, 18 September 2007

The patter of tiny feet

No, not me!! (Had you going).

I seem to know of an awful lot of babies being born recently (must be my age), and where there are babies, we need to have baby gifts. My standard gift is a little soft fleecy snuggly creature, but I recently found a pattern on Saartje's blog for some cuuuute little baby shoes. I am thinking about scaling these up for bigger feet too, though I fear they might end up skittering all over the kitchen floor!


  1. Those baby shoes are gorgeous! Go on try a bigger pair!
    Kim x
    Thanks for the birthday wishes

  2. So sweet! So cosy!
    I think even I could finish them in nine months.

  3. Love those booties, i will have to have a go at themthey are so cute.
    Sarah x

  4. How cute are they, any chance of a size 8??

    Julia x

  5. They are so cute. You can get special non-slip slipper soles to sew on for the bigger ones, but I would risk it without anyway - you can always pretend you're ice-skating!

  6. So sweet, what is it about baby shoes that has the ability to send one all gooey?

  7. Those are soooo very sweet...Such happy little feet those will be wearing those! Let me know if you scale the pattern for grown up feet--I'd love to try your pattern! Happy weekend to you & yours ((HUGS))


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