Friday, 28 September 2007

One day I'll follow a recipe

I am loving the new Nigella book - her breakfast smoothie is now my wakeup of choice (more frozen bananas, yay!) and today has been a day when only the no churn Margarita Ice Cream is going to make it all better.

But right now, baking in the oven are her cereal bars. I swear, I intended to do as she instructed, but somehow it seemed harder to weigh out oats & nuts and cranberries when I could just buy a packet of cranberry & blueberry muesli, and as for warming the condensed milk - well, then I'd have an extra saucepan to wash up. So I just bunged it all together in the bowl and stirred. And it tasted goooood.

Here's my version:

280g cranberry & blueberry muesli (big rolled oats, not little dusty ones)
1 tin condensed milk (I used the reduced fat one)
75g coconut
125g mixed seeds

Mix well, and put in a tin (lined or oiled). Cook at about 130C for about an hour and chop into bars about 15 min after it comes out.

It's official, I am even lazier than Nigella.


  1. Yum!
    Is that sweetened condensed milk, or just evaporated milk?

    I love bars made from cereal. My favorites are made with Cheerios, Tang, and peanut butter. And marshmallows, so not really very healthy. But tasty.

    Thanks for sharing your version of the Nigella recipe.

  2. But I defy you to be greedier than Nigella. She's the epitome of gluttony - love it!

  3. I love the sound of that recipe. I am going to copy it down and pin it to my fridge to remind me to make it. I love lazy recipes. I also love Nigella recipes, but I do wish she had done a kebab recipe for after a night out, instead of the caramel pudding ;-)

  4. Delicious! Love Nigella! I need to get her latest book yet--it's on my list! But I cook from her books a lot and am looking forward to this new one! Happy Eating! And happy weekend to you all ((HUGS))

  5. ooh - I may have to use this for my sons lunchpack - there is a strict no junk policy at breaktime so these will be good as the weather gets colder.

  6. EXACTLY how I modify my recipes - an extra pan, warming milk - ARE YOU CRAZY ?

    And yes, if there's an equally viable pre-packaged good ( usually cheaper than all the separate ingredients I will never use again ), I will buy it instead.


  7. Oh, I agree, it is so hard to follow a recipe, I guestimate quite a bit too.

    thanks for visiting!

  8. That sounds so good but you are much more sensible than me. If it said 'stand on your head while stirring the mixture' I would. I have no self belief - recipes are tablets of stone for me.

  9. I have all Nigella's books, is there a new one i am unaware of? I bought an icecream maker earlier this year and it was the best thing I did, home made icecream is DEVINE.......

  10. Lazier than Nigella, nooooooo! But do you eat things with such gusto? Nigella makes Mondays so much happier round here. my oldest and I love it!
    Kim x
    PS If you go to Stanmer there is a cafe in the village but nothing fantastic. We're planning to go to Wilderness Woods in Half term, I love it there.

  11. It is sometimes hard to follow recipes... So I do a little of my own thing. As long as it is a crowd pleaser, I figure it is just right!



  12. Just sounds so good, about to try them!


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