Monday, 10 September 2007

Mummy's little helper

I've been looking forward to sharing my hobbies with my little ones, and at last it is happening. Elsie has asked how to knit and is itching to use the foot pedal on my sewing machine (eeeeek), and Millie is very keen to help out in the kitchen. This weekend saw her mashing potatoes, laying the table, cleaning sweetcorn:

and making Magic monkey bananas!

Actually, I think it was just the prospect of licking the chocolate-and-sprinkle coated bowl that appealed to her. Wise child.

Now if we could only get her to eat some of what she's prepared ...


  1. Imagine all the wonderful things you will be able to teach them! She looks so focussed on the corn!

  2. Awwww...such sweet little helpers! It must be wonderful teaching them things, seeing them explore and grow into the little people they are becoming. Happy Day ((HUGS))

  3. What sweet girls! They are obviously very keen on following in their mother's footsteps. I believe there is very little that can't be learned in the kitchen and the garden - and you've started early, all the better!

  4. It's so nice to have a little helper at your side - I always seem to have a willing helper at cake making time but she mysteriously disappears once washing up is mentioned! Can I come and help next time you're making those fab magic monkey bananas - I fancy a lick of the bowl too!

  5. They never help with the washing up though! Hope you receive the swap parcel soon!

  6. Such sweet little curls - I am so envious!
    I think that if you can create an environment where food preparation is a pleasure and a relaxed and happy atmosphere at meal times - the eating will happen eventually. My son has never had a very big appetite but really enjoys meal times

  7. I made mine do the corn this weekend - it took them FOREVER, which is very good news in my book! Less time for making mischief.

    We have never made Monkey Bananas, but they look as if they ought to become part of my repertoire.

  8. Magic monkey bananas! - I love the sound of those! My youngest tends to eat anything she's had a hand (or finger or two) in Making.

  9. Cooking with my boys is one of my favorite things. Now if only I could teach them to knit!

  10. How sweet is this... The little ones just love it when they become mommy's little helper... Before long she will be making her own little creations just like mommy!


    Beverly :o)

  11. ooh yum !!

    I am so going to make these for the kids the next time I host Mother's Group !!

    Beats the pkt of store-bought biscuits I normally serve .....

  12. this picture is so sweet...and those bananas look yummy...I can smell the choc. now. (love the sprinkles...I always have mine half way eaten before I ever get to add the sprinkles...(lol)
    ~simply stork~


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