Monday, 24 September 2007

Late for school (again)

A few weeks back I asked Heidi at FridayPrize if I could join in her Back to School swap, thinking, oh, yes, I can do this - make a tote bag, find a notebook - easy peasy. Well, it seems I didn't realise just how much of a palaver I can myself get into over the simplest things. After much worrying and fretting and "Oh, this is just NOT the way I intended it all to look!" moments I did get my package made and sent off to my swap partner, Candlestring, who duly received it and proclaimed all to be just fine but I haven't felt as nervous about a present as that for a long time. I think it must be something about not knowing the person you're sending to - for me that upped the worry hugely. But maybe that's just my inner lunacy showing.

But, to make matters worse, I haven't posted pictures of the fab bag and gifts I received from Claire at ReddyMade last week, which is unforgivable. Look at this loveliness (sorry about the washing line):

The bag is marvellous and is my new best friend - this weekend alone it has carried a glass cake stand, a box of pink glittery fairy cakes and some well-wrapped bulbs, and it is so very comfortable to carry. The daft thing is I kept looking at Claire's blog and saying to myself - "Ooh, jumbo cord, that must be a great bag, must make one. Oh, that pink wool is cute. Look at those sparkly knitting needles" - and now they're all mine - how cool is that?! Thank you Claire!!

I only managed a few rubbish pictures of what I sent but I did have lots of fun with the old free motion foot on my machine - even though the sparkly thread kept breaking and the tension was up the creek.


  1. What a lovely bag. It's easy to be critical of your own creations but I am sure that the recipient was thrilled. I love your free hand embroidery - really pretty.
    Cathy X

  2. That is a fab bag--love the fabrics! Easy to see why it's your new favorite. Your free broidery looks terrific. Happy Days ((HUGS))

  3. Very cool bag - I'm being drawn to jumbo cord at the moment too...

  4. It all looks wonderful, I love the muted colours of the bag. Don't fret about your creations, you're a talented gal!

  5. Hi there,
    The embroidery looks lovely.

  6. What a lovely bag you have there... If only I could count the times I have second guessed my work! In the end it always end up being loved by the person who receives it.



  7. More than fine - super!
    At the moment I'm using it to carry my new Japanese craft books from room to room about the house.
    The one you received looks spiff. Love the pears.
    Guess I'll have to email Big Bucket Girl and ask - I haven't heard if she's got the one from me... Oh, dear! I hope it wasn't so bad! (It did have a few puckers.)

  8. Oh, that's adorable! I've got some serious bag love lately. All I want to do is sit down and sew a bunch of them!

  9. love jumbo cord!
    great bag and really nice embroiderey - so pretty x
    tracy x

  10. Lovely bag and gifts! Don’t we all act scaredy when we send something to a complete stranger? I love your free motion embroidery!

  11. That is a perfect bag for autumn and lovely goodies inside it too! It is nervewracking sending something to someone you don't know - I get in a tiz too which is why I don't pluck up the courage to do swaps very often!


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