Friday, 14 September 2007

Anyone would think it was summer

I bought some very pretty embridered cotton at a fabric show in May, meaning to make it into little skirts (sadly, it really wouldn't suit me any more) but then "summer" happened and I had no inclination to whip up light cotton twirly skirts. But now here we are in September swimming in outdoor pools and picknicking and playing outside so I finally made them up.

I really like these, but a word of warning - never use Tesco elastic, even if you are desperate to finish something and it's the only place open to buy any - it lasts one wearing before the elasticity is all but gone and you end up rethreading. With this amount of material that's no joke!


  1. Such a pretty skirt shame you had to rethread the elastic.

  2. Good advice, but sometimes impatience just gets the better of you (I know all too well!)
    The skirt looks lovely.... hope the weather is better with you than it is here!

  3. How pretty. Bloomin' Tescos. I'm glad they can't sell everything - we may end up with no other shops at all.

  4. So sweet! I was wondering how she reached the counter to help with the sweetcorn.

    Lucky girls to have a crafty Mum.

    One of my huge regrets is the loss of fabric stores. There used to be two wonderful shops in Cambridge - Gordon Thodays was three stories of fabrics. Now it is so difficult to find lovely fabrics unless by post - not quite the same as fingering lovely bolts of cloth.

  5. Such a cute skirt. I just love the fabric. Will make a mental note not to buy Tesco's elastic!

  6. Soooo beautiful!! Very pretty, very girly, very twirly! Happy weekend to you all ((HUGS))

  7. A very pretty skirt for a very busy girl! Lovely pattern. Mind you, with the nor-easter that's blowing here, you'd think we'd hopped continents and were sat somewhere north of Siberia! It's wintry here, and supposed to get down to 2ºC tonight - my poor annuals! Autumn is definitely here.

  8. The skirt is beautiful, love the fabric. I wonder what the elastic's like in Tesco's knickers!!!!
    Kim x

  9. What a pretty little skirt, and she looks so sweet in it!


    Beverly :o)


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