Monday, 27 August 2007

Our holiday, or how we dragged two small people up a mountain

As promised , here are finally some pictures from our holiday in the Lake District. The girls travelled beautifully, bribed with all manner of plastic tat courtesy of Mr. Tesco. Favourites on the way up were cuddly small Night Garden toys, and on the way back, would you believe it, a pencil sharpener. Personally I'd have gone for the multicoloured pop-a-point pencils, but then I am not 2. Or 5.

We had rented a house in Troutbeck, which is up the hill from Ambleside. We shared with my sister and brother-in-law and their little girl so we went for a big house and ended up having a wing each!!!

The views of and from the garden were stunning, and the kitchen was bigger than the ground floor of our house, but we kept consoling ourselves with the thought that it would be unbelievably difficult to drive up the hill in the winter.

Bear and I like to walk, and the girls were keen to have a go too. We only had wellies and Doodles with us for them, so when we spotted these tiny pink walking shoes, we couldn't resist them. Elsie liked them very much, so much so that she says next time she would like to have proper waterproof boots, a walking stick and a breathable jacket if you please!

Both girls were keen on rock scrambling and clambering up slopes, and giving me kittens by jumping down from boulder to boulder.

I was amazed they got up some of the slopes they did, and one day we walked up from the house to Wansfell Pike. We had a picnic on the way,

and the girls made it up from the steep path onto the fell itself. I drew the line at letting them up the final push as they were tired, and it was steep and windy and I just wasn't sure we could get them both safely up & down. At the end of the day Millie had a well earned kip on the garden bench.

We did the obligatory boat trip on Ullswater; there's a reason why everyone does it, and that's because it is quite stunning:

We climbed off the boat at Howtown for some stick fishing and throwing stones into the lake (avoiding the ducks, panic not!) then back to Glenridding for afternoon tea.

We revisited Tarn Hows to feed the geese and gaze out at the Langdales, and to picnic and fish at the edge of the lake,

and one day took a breathtaking drive over Honister Pass to Buttermere. Millie was carried a long way on Bear's shoulders, but Elsie, being a Big Girl, walked for miles and miles. And has asked if we can go bakc again next year. Fine by me ...


  1. What a wonderful outing! The jumping from rock to rock thing is one of the best parts of hiking, no matter what age you are ;)

  2. What troupers! They did so well - must've been the magic of the little pink walking boots. I spent a week near Ullswater many years ago - very special place.

  3. What a nice post! The next best thing to taking a vacation for me is to read about some else's lovely time :) so thank you. We have cliffs nearly in our back yard (we are down below) with hiking trails along the rim, so I know what you mean about having kittens. Whenever we go up there I just have to rely on guardian angels and bite my tongue unless the kids are in real danger. My, is that difficult to do.

  4. What a treat seeing your holiday snaps! And such good girls--how sweet they are. I'm sure all the goodies helped enormously--especially the pink shoes ;o) Glad you all had a wonderful time...The place looks so beautifuL...I'm lost for words, struck by the beauty of it all *SIGH* Happy Days ((HUGS))

  5. Looks like you had a great time! The Lake District is the only place in the UK that might tear me away from where I live now! My Mum & Dad own a place in Keswick, which is fantastic to visit for the odd long walk.

    Thanks for the memories!

    Vanessa x

  6. Fab pictures. I miss Lake District holidays - used to go up there camping a couple of times a year before we had the kids. We camped in Buttermere quite a few times and walked all the fells around there and in the Langdales too. Glad you all had a great time - I wish I had a pair of those gorgeous pink shoes too!

  7. It all looks breathtakingly beautiful! sounds like a wonderful house. we were out walking again today and it is so lovely being out in the fresh air at last!
    Kim x
    PS thanks for telling me where the recipe was from!

  8. Such lovely memories. That last photo brought tears to my eyes - as it will to yours when you look back in five or ten years time.
    I think that it is very important to resist the temptation to wear out little people on long walks so that they associate them with fun, rock jumping and picnics not blisters. I can still remember the enormous bar of chocolate that my father would ceremoniously produce at the top of Cornish tors!

  9. Looks like you had a super vacation! Love the shoes! :)

  10. It's lovely there, isn't it ?

    Lancashire was my first 'glimpse' of England, before heading on into London. I think we stayed about 3 days and it was gorgeous !


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