Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Oh, that old farmer!

We live in a village that's officially classified as rural. It kind of isn't, as we're only a few miles outside Cambridge, but it is a tiny little place and has a thriving community, village shop, mobile library and so on. And lots and lots of fields around it.

Anyway, the girls had a picnic tea tonight since the dining table is covered in sewing stuff, and the outside table had a washing line through the umbrella hole (yes, quite). Very fancy - you know, fishfingers and mash on the finest plastic fairy plates. Afterwards they went off to play, and I sneaked onto the computer until they wandered in and started putting bands and clips in my hair. Which was all very lovely, until I asked them why they weren't making the most of the garden. "Well Mummy," came the answer. "It's because it smells of piggies out there." I think the more delicate term is "A proper country scent".

They don't tell you about muck spraying in Country Living. We're eating inside tonight.


  1. Oh, that is so funny! I guess until they find a way to make natural feritilizers smell like fields of lavender, it's best to stay in! Happy indoor picnic! ((HUGS)) :o)

  2. When the muck sprayer is out in the fields behind us, I get shouts of Eww poo - it smells of poo! And fits of giggling. Girls are so much more refined!

  3. Too funny...the girls will have to make it a indoor tea picnic next time. You must have been lovely with the clips in your hair. My girls used to do that to me when they were little.

  4. The great fresh smell of the country.... I love on school trips when all these urban sprawlites meet the smell for the first time and suddenly scream about it... as if their poo doesn't smell! (Ps, I funnily enough don't call myself an urban sprawlite even though I live 3 miles from a city centre and have a passing aquaintance with the country!)


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