Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Someone's been casting spells ...

I can't explain it otherwise. I think we can all agree (at least those of us in the UK) that the weather has been pretty disgusting for the the last few weeks. Except for 2 Sundays, we haven't had a dry weekend in June. And somehow, our PTFA managed to schedule events for both those Sundays. Blimey.

The first was the fete of the infamous Pringle tubes, which raised just over £1500 (not the Pringles alone, you understand). Then this last weekend we had the village Garden Safari where 11 brave souls opened their gardens and allowed people to trample on their soggy lawns and tried not to look too upset when children trampled on their flower beds.

It was good fun but for a tiny village we certainly did a lot of walking - and in fact the girls had to be taken home halfway round. I headed to the school to do my stint serving teas, and selling these little beauties which I made from the Magnolia bakery cupcake recipe posted by Flibbertygibbet.

Yum yum, gobble, snarfle. All gone.


  1. Yum! The cakes and the garden!

  2. I can sympathize...here in southern Norway it's been raining for day and looks to keep up :o( But who can be sad for long at the sight of those cupcake...excuse me while I drool over them...LOL! Must go get recipe... :o)

  3. Cor, those cakes look good. Don't s'pose you've got any left? No? Oh well, I'll just have to head over to Flib and pinch the recipe!

  4. Wow I think we all need one of those cupcakes in this weather!
    Kim x

  5. Those cakes are pretty impressive!

    Wasn't it good to see the sun, howvever briefly, almost felt like summer!


  6. beautiful gardens and really yummy looking cupcakes.


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