Tuesday, 31 July 2007


This is a quick recipe that makes a pretty gift, and comes from the French Kitchen by Joanne Harris - this is a sumptuous book, highly recommended. She gives an interesting story of how they get their name - apparently they represent the robe colours of various orders of monks. They're rather like tiny little Fruit & Nut drops but look a bit better wrapped up than a bar of broken Cadbury's.

You need:

Decent chocolate - I used milk, white & plain Green & Blacks (is it me or does it taste a bit different these days?)
Dried fruit and/or nuts

Melt the chocolate, then drop teaspoonfuls onto Bake-o-Glide, or something similar - it needs to be flexible enough to peel them off later.

Arrange fruit and nuts on the top and leave to set - not in the fridge or you end up with odd white mottling which doesn't affect the taste but doesn't look so good. Try not to eat them all, before you have given away the ones you need to give away ...

I suspect it would be better for the finished appearance to temper the chocolate first but I didn't have time, or a suitable thermometer and the idea scared me a bit! It didn't stop us eating them, anyway.


  1. These look delicious - how did you stop yourself from gobbling them up? Also - I have visions of what a melted chocolate project would be like with two excited little girls...sounds like a reason for a paddling pool afternoon.

  2. I would never succeed giving them to someone else, even worse, I would never succeed making them, the chocolate would end up in my mouth before melting it...

  3. SO much more refined than gobbling the G&B's straight from the wrapper. I could also get the choccy to nut proportions bang on, because no matter how nutty it is, it's never enough for me.

  4. These look fun to make ...not sure how many would get made with all the testing that is essential in chocolate cookery!!!!
    Alison x

  5. Oh, those look yummy!



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