Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Incy Wincy

Elsie's school play was on this week. They did the Pied Piper of Hamelin, and all the reception children were rats. Once I got over my initial indignation - what are you saying about my child?! - I looked at the costume requirements and realised I was in big trouble - black or brown trousers and T-shirt. Now, I have the pinkest children on the planet; I even got comments about their girliness from passers by on the street in Cambridge this weekend - well we were sat on the steps of the Senate House eating chips at the time. They hardly own a pair of trousers between them, let alone wear them. You know those twins from Big Brother (yes, I know, I'm sorry, I'm a bad person)? I have nightmares about my two ending up that pink and fluffy.

Anyway, have you ever tried to find a plain black shirt at this time of year? I found the trousers in the Back To School section of Tesco (don't get me started on Back to School sales in July) but the only black T-shirts were patterned. So there was nothing for it than to crack out the Dylon at 6.30 on Sunday morning. Other people do sensible things like sleep, or have cups of tea in the early morning sun. We ended up with a couple of sort of mottled blue-black shirts, and I decided that rather than let the black goop go to waste we would make some cobweb fabric - I can surely find a use for this at Halloween if I add some silver sequins or fabric paint.

I do wish I'd heeded the instructions to wear gloves though - all the little cuts on my fingers have gone black too!


  1. love the tiedye. Hope Elsie enjoyed the play.

  2. Goodness !!
    How strict !!

    haven't they ever heard of white mice, or pink mice ?

    I hate being told what to do :)


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