Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Felty fun

I've been a bit rubbish at posting anything recently - not just because I *am* quite rubbish at keeping on top of everything I want/need to do, but also because I have been without my trusty laptop for a few days. About 3 weeks ago it took a child-assisted nosedive to the floor and sadly the power cable did not survive - given how bent out of shape it was I am more than a bit surprised the laptop made it through relatively unscathed, but it has meant that instead of having a power supply at home and one at work I have had to try to remember always to pack the one remaining cable up and carry it around. This is, of course, a recipe for distaster and last week I forgot to bring it home so was without power for nearly 5 days - tragedy!

Anyway, it did give me some time to catch up on sewing and gardening (though sadly not housework). One thing I've been working on is some keyrings to organise my silly numbers of keys for different things. These are really fun to do, and I'll be doing more with different patterns on them for gifts and so on. I have been making bookbags for Elsie's teachers and her childminder and am planning to incorporate a personalised keyring - but more on that another day.

I've also made some more embroidered buttons - one of these days I'll post some pictures of how I've done them but they really are easy (asuming you have access to a shop that sells the components). I've got all sorts of ideas for other designs too - they're a bit addictive.

These ones are metal based buttons that are very easy to put together:

These are ever useful plain fabric buttons, made from plastic bases. I didn't like these nearly as much and ended up forcing the backs on with my teeth (!). It was a satisfying bite, but does mean I can't really use them on projects for anyone else ...


  1. Great keyrings and the buttons are lovely - the teethmarks don't show at all! Glad your laptop survived and that you're able to hang out here again!

  2. Computerless is horrible! I am lusting after a laptop but just can't think of a reason for me to have one, so I may have to settle for a cup of tea instead! The keyrings are lovely & such a good idea!

  3. Your keyrings are sooo cute! And we'd never have known about the buttons of you hadn't mentioned it...

  4. Hi! Have been wondering how things were going with you! Hope all will be well with the pc now...PC free is hard! LOL! Love the keyrings and buttons--all of them so sweet! Happy Days to you & yours! :o)

  5. Hi Val, the keyrings are gorgeous - what a great idea. You are a bad girl for using your teeth on things - I do the same and once ended up chipping a tooth trying to twist a bottle top open!

    Still looking forward to knowing how to make buttons. Maybe you can show me when you come to visit your sister sometime?


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