Tuesday, 5 June 2007

OK, now I'm getting worried

I fear I may be losing my grip on reality. Monday was a training day for the teachers at school so we had an extra day's holiday. At about 6.30 it occurred to me that Elsie would be starting swimming lessons and would need to have her kit packed in some sort of bag. And then I realised that her stuff would be wet when she came home so a cloth bag wouldn't be much use. I had recycled all the plastic carriers yesterday so there was nothing for it - I'd have to make something!

After finally getting them to bed and finishing the ironing I made a drawstring bag lined with a bit of waterproof fabric cut off the end of a piece I'd got from John Lewis that's too long for our table. I'd got it all stitched up when - whoops - I realised I hadn't left a hole for the drawstring to go through. By that point it was getting late (and Shaun of the Dead was waiting for me on the TV) so I decided just to make a row of buttonholes around the top and thread ribbon through it. I hope it works OK - Elsie took it into school today and proudly showed her teacher, but I don't think they're going to swim until Friday.


  1. Great swimbag! And you've reminded me about his nibs needing his tomorrow.

    Fortunately I have not recycled all my carrier bags, so no emergency sewing for me (although his soggy stuff won't look nearly so nice!).

  2. that's a cool swimming bag - she'll be the envy all the class.

  3. What a great swimming bag you made for Elsie. I love the creative solution with the buttonholes!


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