Friday, 22 June 2007

Leaping on the bandwagon

Bear bought some Crocs last year and I though they were the ugliest things I'd ever seen; but then we got some for Elsie and they were rather cute. Gradually I've been borrowing his more and more - to nip to the compost heap or out to the car, or across the road and realised how ridiculously comfortable they are. Fast forward to this summer when the heat took me by surprise with unpainted nails and only pink flip flops that rub my toes - and I thought that really, I should just face up to it and get myself some Crocs that fit me, and some for the girls too since their canvas summer shoes only last five minutes.

Well, of course, it turns out the UK (or at least Cambridge) is in the grip of a Crocs shortage. Not a child's pair to be found, and only limited women's sizes. Apparently one local shop has been waiting for a delivery for 12 weeks! I did track some down in the end; Millie wanted me to have some fuschia ones but they were too big for me, and then I spotted the Mary Janes. Now what genius thought those up? How could I possibly resist? Well I couldn't, and I didn't.

And now you can buy little decorations for them too! Best not let the girls see that ...


  1. I think it's a nationwide shortage. And just when mine are wearing out after 18 months hard use...

  2. Those things are everywhere! And they are mighty fun, I think! I don't have any yet, as the town where I live doesn't have a place that sells them, guess I'll have to order on-line...Those bright pink ones are very cute!

  3. Now how come yours look so pretty and mine look like I'm wearing canoes on my feet!

    Oh but who cares, they're so flipping comfortable!

    Welcome to the crocs club, I think we may be taking over the world!

    Julia x


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