Friday, 1 June 2007

Knitted flowers

I discovered Julie's Little Cotton Rabbits a couple of weeks ago and am very much enjoying reading it, and envying/admiring the speed with which she knits very cute animals - it takes me forever to knit anything, and as for stitching it up ... the less said about that the better. I did kid myself I could knit a doll and an entire wardrobe of clothes for said beauty in the week before Christmas - and here we are 6 months later with one doll made up but faceless and most of the clothes unpicked since the skirts were too big and the tops too tight (sounds like the story of my life. Well, other than the skirts being too big). Maybe for next Christmas. Assuming the girls still play with dolls.

Anyway, that's not what this is all about. One lovely thing on Julie's blog is a pattern for cute little knitted flowers - now these I can do, and fast. I've gone into a flower knitting frenzy, and have been turning them into hair ties for, well, anyone who will wear them.

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  1. Have had to make sure that my daughter wasn't around when I was looking at these pictures - she'd be a bit jealous as I promised I'd make her some hair thingys and I've still not done it. Yours look great , I must get my act together!


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