Friday, 15 June 2007

I never want to see another Pringle

From this:

To this:

No, I didn't eat them all myself. These are for a game at this Sunday's school fete - the children throw beanbags at them and win the prize inside any they knock down - if there is one!

Do you know what 25 empty tubes of Pringles smell like? Ugh. We'd better make a shedload of cash with this, that's all I can say!


  1. Top fete idea! But yes, I can imagine the smell and it's not yummy. You can feel good though because they are extremely stylishly covered!

  2. wow, they look great! I think they would look great in a studio to store pencils etc. good luck with the fete. Hope lots of $ come your way.

  3. There's nothing like immersion therapy to put you off something for life. I once worked in a coffee house and now the smell of roasting beans turns my stomach! You did a good job though - hope the fete goes well.

  4. They look great as the finished article, I have to say Pringles are the food of the devil, they are foul, urgh!

    Actually this has given me an idea for my blog! Well done!!


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