Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Five years ago today

Elsie was born by scheduled Caesarean at 12.15 on the 19th of June 2002, weighing 10lb 9oz. This time five years ago I was happy and relieved she was here and safe, but also tired and sore and nervous - and about to have a very disrupted night! I lost count of how many times in the first few weeks I worried I was messing it all up; many days I still get to the evening and think I could have handled things better, but we have lots of fun, they make me laugh all the time and we love our babies to bits.

This morning we were woken at 5.30 by Elsie loudly whispering to Millie, "Wake up, wake up, it's my birthday!" They settled down for another hour, but then we couldn't stop them rushing downstairs for presents.

Elsie had asked for a talking dolly which came in a huuuuge box - you should have see her face when she saw the size of it! We'd also got them some fairy figures for their pink castle doll's house, and there were more gifts from grandparents, aunts and uncles plus cards galore.

She asked for fish & chips and a strawberry cream cake for her birthday tea and who was I to refuse?

Happy birthday, my little angel.


  1. 10lb6oz!!! No wonder you had a cesarean. Crikey. Mine were 9lb each and that was more than enough. Happy Birthday Elsie.

  2. Happy birthday Elsie. Sounds like she has good taste - that would be my choice for birthday tea too! good luck with the talking dollie - I hope she has a wide repertoire of phrases or you could be hiding the batteries!!

  3. I remember getting a huge walking doll in a box when I was little (way back in the 70's). I loved it, although I do think the massive box had a lot to do with my adoration!

    Happy birthday to Elsie, glad she enjoyed the day as only 5 year olds can do!

    Julia x

    ps - I'm going to try the bread recipe too, I've never had much success before but I'll keep trying!

  4. Belated Birthday greeting to dear Elsie! Loved this sweet post..Hope she gets what she wished for... :o)

  5. Happy Birthday Elsie and family of Elsie! Being 5 years old is so wonderful!


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