Friday, 1 June 2007

Bodiam Castle

We have been in Hailsham again this week for half term, spending lots of time at Drusillas as usual, and swimming and bowling to escape the rain. Tuesday was a day of mixed sun & showers - and the best day of weather of our stay - so we took advantage and all headed off to Bodiam Castle. Many others had the same idea and it was busy but, being a castle, there was room for everyone. We didn't dare take the girls up to the battlements - not least because I'm not sure I could have coped with the vertical winding staircases let alone the height at the top.

Right by the entrance is a small dark doorway leading into a room that has only tiny little windows looking out over the bridge across the moat. I was far too mean to buy a guidebook after paying to park and get in (got to love the National Trust - we'd join but there aren't many properties in our area and we would be out of pocket most years) so I am only guessing but I suspect these were not used for shouting a cheery hello to visiting dignitaries ...

Other rooms are much brighter (particularly those with no roof any more!) It always surpsrises me to see hopw small the rooms are - somehow I always iomagine rooms in a castle would be huge - and how low the original floor levels were. People must have been tiny then; I'm not exactly tall but I think even I'd have been permanently hunched over! There was one large beautiful room though, and the sunlight poured in from windows and doors.

I vaguely remember going to Bodiam when I was little and it was lovely to see my little ones reacting with the same wide eyed excitement we must have shown when confronted for the first time with a Real Castle!

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