Friday, 15 June 2007

Another year wiser?

Last Friday was my birthday. I can't believe it's a week already! This week has been a crazy mixture of helping at one school event last weekend, preparing for the the fete this weekend, dealing with the fallout from some major reorganisations at work and, of course, the usual round of pool caring, school runs and homework. Add to that planning for Elsie's 5th birthday party next weekend - good grief. The thing is though, it's *always* like this, and I guess it is for everyone else too so I should just get on with it, right? Right!

The day itself was pretty low-key - I had to go to the funeral of a dear friend, so we didn't feel much like celebrating. But I opened cards and presents - it would have been mean to the children not to! - and we did have little cakes for them to blow out the candles on.

It seems my family know me very well - my babies and my Bear gave me a new bag for my knitting, orders for two sewing books I've been coveting, and the promise of a fabric buying adventure. Little sis sent a lovely package of treasures from her local quilting shop, one of my favourite places in the world. Metallic threads, material, beads, boxes for storing the beads and threads, sparkling felt, wadding - all in scrumptious colours. Big sis sent a sock knitting kit, complete with DPNs, magic self patterning wool and beaded stitch markers - now how did she know I had been coveting that very kit in my local wool shop for months but felt unable to justify buying it? Psychic, she must be psychic!

Mum & Dad sent a silver photo frame - I always need more frames - and some money, and big bro sent some John Lewis vouchers (as an aside, is there anything you can't buy in John Lewis or Waitrose? I always seem to spend most of my wages there) and some coriander to grow.
I used the gifts of money to buy myself a treat at last weekend's art exhibition:

It's by a local artist - she lives in the next village up. I think it's beautiful - obviously! It's hanging over the stairs in a spot where the sunlight hits it in the evening and makes me think of holidays when I go up to put the girls to sleep.

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