Sunday, 20 May 2007

Twirling dervish

One of the things I love about reading other people's blogs is seeing how everyone interprets patterns and tutorials generously given out by their clever designers. I've had House on Hill Road's twirly skirt on my mind for a while - I used to make skirts like this for myself years ago when I was a student and it was trendy to wear them with thick black tights and Housemartins-inspired anoraks. That was a long time ago now though and I don't think I'd look quite so cute anymore ... but I have two little mice who would and do. I found some pretty pink material at Oxfam the other day; I nearly didn't pick it up, and then I decided to buy it for making drawstring storage bags, but once it was washed I realised it would make very pretty skirts.

As is traditional I made lots of mistakes due to not reading the pattern, and being impatient, but the girls have both worn their skirts all day and they have asked my to make some more for them - I think that counts as a success!


  1. Love this pretty skirt. I too would have worn something like this as a student along with the obligatory black tights and DMs - thanks for the memory! I think your bag in the last post is wonderful too - am always envious of someone who can sew!

  2. Just adorable... I love the pink checks!


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