Friday, 4 May 2007

Strange way to spend an afternoon

We're coming into birthday party season - Elsie's class is quite a young one, and last year we had a party every couple of weeks from May to August. Which is all good fun. Usually the little girsl like to dress up as fairies or princesses and it is very easy, but for the one tomorrow, it's a joint party for twins N and A, and they have decided they would like to have a zoo party. Which means dressing up as zoo animals.

I asked Elsie what she would like to be and she said "A giraffe." Did I panic? No, I decided to go for psychological torture and said "Really? You'd like to be a giraffe? Hmmm, I'm not sure I can magic you a long neck. You might have to have a fake head instead." So she thought again and decided "A bear." Well, bears I can do, I think. But wait! We are in economy drive mode and I have a large piece of white fake fur stashed under the bed. Enter mean scheming mummy.

"What kind of bear? A polar bear?". No, a nice furry brown bear like a teddy. "Oh, are you sure? Polar bears are definitely the best." I have to say she was a pushover. Only then did I realise that I had agreed to make A Bear Outfit. In the middle of the hottest spring we've ever known. Elsie decided she would like a full length all in one bear costume but in the end we compromised on bear ears, a skirt and a jacket, which we made this afternoon.

Best not to look too closely at it but I am rather pleased with how it turned out - and more to the point so is my little polar baby. All she needs is a black painted nose and we're good to go.

Millie is going to the party too, but she wants to be a fairy, even though Elsie says she will frighten N. Never one to conform, our Millie!

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