Saturday, 12 May 2007

Move over David Bailey

When I found myself trying to write a week's menu and shopping list last weekend and being pestered by two small people, I remembered House and Baby and decided to pass them the little digital camera and see what they made of it. Millie's efforts were very sweet, though she didn't get the hang of pointing the camera at the thing she wanted to photograph.

This is her picture of me and Elsie:

And here is a self portrait:

Elsie was much more proficient (but then she's taken pictures before) and I highly recommend it as a way to see how your children view their surroundings. She photographed all sorts of things we hadn't noticed!

Here's Millie doing the washing:

This is the tricycle that used to be Elsie's but now she is a big girl with a bike:

And here's our herb garden:

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