Sunday, 6 May 2007

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my

Yesterday was the zoo party. I was up late the night before making a present for A, which ended up being a version of the Tiny Happy bag. It was scaled down a bit and I made just about every mistake during its construction I could have done (because I never read instructions properly) but I had fun doing it. I was a bit annoyed with the placement of the A at the end, but I'll definitely be making some more. We put a tiny playmobil Noah's Ark in it and I hope she likes it.

The party was a scream - a crowd of four and five year olds dressed in fake fur and doing animal dances. By the end of it the air was thick with acrylic - literally. I've taken away some ideas from it: I'd been trying to think of a way to make the games less emotionally fraught - pass the parcel I find particularly tough as at least half the children end up disappointed at the end when they don't win anything. Anyway, I'd been wondering if it would be too soppy to put a present for everyone in the middle, but that's exactly what happened yesterday, and the children loved it! There were also no individual prizes for any of the games, and no-one was put out by it so I think we'll go that way. Plus some crafts, but those depend on whether we end up inviting just girls, or girls and boys.

The cakes were great too!

And real sausages ... all the mums were quite envious of the chidren but didn't feel we could really snaffle the snacks from under their noses.

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