Sunday, 20 May 2007

It lives!

I went a bit mad pruning the lavender this year. My friend Katie-up-the-road grows beautiful lavender, a full hedge of stunning scented flowers every year. She told me she cuts it back hard after flowering and I though I would have a go with ours. Well, I thought I'd killed it, and was really cross as reasonable sized lavender can be pricey; so I bought some seeds and planned to take cuttings from surviving bushes, but today I can see signs of growth on the savaged ones and I think it might just make it! I have learned my lesson though ...

Millie and I took advantage of the good weather and pottered about in the garden all afternoon.

We dug up naughty mint and lemon balm and potted them up to sell at the school summer fayre, and planted out some of our bean seedlings - how long do you think these will last before the slugs get them? We lost 2 entire rows of lettuces to the little beasts this week, and I am not planting out my sweetcorn until I can surround it with crushed shells or something similar. I don't want to use slug pellets, but I shall break out the beer traps if they don't lay off.

The warm wet weather has brought out the deutzia early. I planted this when Elsie was a baby and always look forward to it coming into flower - summer's coming!

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