Saturday, 12 May 2007

Eurovision madness

As is traditional, we're in the middle of watching the Eurovision song contest. And oh my goodness, it hasn't disappointed this year. We were gamely voting along, scoring all the outfits and dance routines (the songs seem largely irrelevant), and giggling at the Swedish and Ukrainian entries. And then came the novelty UK song. Oh dear. I mean, I know we can't win it, and probably this was a good appealing entry, but I can't help wishing Mozzer had got in to represent us.

Still, Sir Terry was on form and we've demolished Pimms and truffles so not an entirely wasted evening.

Just the voting to look forward to now.

Update: halfway through the voting and no-one has voted for us ...

Finally: well, we didn't come last, just next to last. Classic comment just now from TW: "it's been a wonderful, wonderful evening - not musically, of course."

You've got to love it!

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