Thursday, 3 May 2007

Dough Neigh Knee

When I was little mum had a scratchy old LP of the Sound of Music, and a video she taped from the TV one Christmas. It assumed mythical status for me - listened to through headphones in the living room, or watched curled up on the sofa. When I went to college I took a recording of it and we used to listen to it and sing along - I knew every word and most of the dances too!

Now I'm all grown up I bought the DVD cheaply from someone at work who didn't want it anymore (how could you not want the Sound of Music? Philistine!) I can't remember how it happened - probably I was fed up with watching endless loops of Pocoyo or something - but one day I put on the DVD and showed the songs to the girls and now they're as hooked as I am. In fact, it is Elsie's entertainment of choice, only she can't pronounce DoReMi yet.

I'm not sure whether or not I should be happy about this ...

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